Visibility in 2018 – Inspiration Shot December 2017

“Practice what you post…”

You have probably noticed that I am pretty active and open on social media. It hasn’t always been like this. In fact I am a pretty private person. But long before the internet started I learned the three secrets of (offline) success:

  1. Authenticity
  2. It’s not about you
  3. Always provide added value

I still apply these principles to everything I do, both online and offline. Without realizing it, this is how I built my personal brand, how I get lots of free publicity and, as I recently found out, ended up in the top 10% of social media influencers worldwide.

I have created a free 7 day challenge to share my knowledge with you…

Are you OK with your social media posts being ‘good enough’? Or do you want them to be exceptional, like you are?

The good news is that producing really good posts does not require more time, resources or knowledge. It’s mainly a mind-shift. In the free challenge you’ll get an hour worth of inspiration, tips and examples. In this newsletter I have collected 5 minutes of inspiration’: examples of extraordinary social media posts and interaction. Enjoy!

More impact and influence on Social Media

Small budget, huge results

A common misconception is that you need to invest a lot of money to be successful on social media. Nope, you just need to engage people. This video is a great example.

Obermutten; a tiny Swiss village went global with an investment of only $10,000

Examples of surprising corporate interaction:

Social media is not just about posting. It’s about interaction. The best impressions are made by reaction to posts about you/your company in a personal and/or creative way.

Visibility in 2018 - Inspiration Shot December 2017

Why not use your network name to send a message?

Check out these examples and decide how you can make your wifi password work for you…

Visibility in 2018 - Inspiration Shot December 2017

Word artist

Some people don’t need to post great content, they just have a way with words. Meet the ‘King of Tweets’…

Visibility in 2018 - Inspiration Shot December 2017

Reality provides great stories

Like this couple on Tinder: they were matched, but did not meet, until Tinder offered them a trip to Hawaii…

Visibility in 2018 - Inspiration Shot December 2017

Ever thought of using your wifi password for marketing?

Don’t use the standard password or your phone number: create a password that will inspire your visitors or inspire them to take action. This one – in a café I visited –  created a lasting impression….

Visibility in 2018 - Inspiration Shot December 2017
Visibility in 2018 - Inspiration Shot December 2017

The free 7 day challenge contains my best insights and practical tips. 7 days to more impact and influence on social media:

1. Measure your current score.

2. Mind-shift: It’s not about you!

3. How to turn average posts into interesting ones and ‘look at me’ posts into added value ones.

4. Which platforms should I use?

5. Social media is not a chore! How to make it easy and fun.

6. Visual storytelling: 4 quick wins to improve your videos, pictures, vlogs and even your Skype calls.

7, Inspiration: the possibilities are endless.

 “I just don’t like social media very much”
” I have no idea what to post”
” I don’t have time for social media”
“I don’t like to put myself in the spotlight”

If this is you, the free challenge ‘7 days to more impact and influence on social media’ will be a real mindshift.

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