South America

Buenos Aires 2018 / 2019


Imagine a time machine transporting you back to the nineties. Buenos Aires feels like a mix of Italy, Spain and France in that era. Decades-old cars (meticulously maintained) in the tree-lined streets, no electric cars or other signs of ‘modern’ technology in the cobblestoned streets.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2018


Take control of your life. Fabio was a member of one of the three gangs in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. He never talks about what he did exactly, but he ended up in jail for almost four years. When he got out, he knew that he would never be able to get a regular job. His only choice was to get back into gang life.

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Salvador, Brazil 2018


Salvador, Brazil 2018 Honesty Many people think Brazil is all about party, poverty and crime. Yes, Brazilians love to party, there is extreme poverty, and there is a lot of crime. But Brazil is also about dignity, respect and honesty. Let me share a story [...]

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Recife, Brazil 2018


Recife 2018 How to turn anything into a business Views of Recife from 16th century Olinda are stunning. I learned random things, such as ‘each church in the area faces the most important church...’ Beautiful architecture... One of the [...]

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Brazil 2015


I arrived in Salvador de Bahia on the first ever nomad cruise from Spain. I stayed in lively Salvador for 2 weeks, then moved to beautiful Florianopolis for another week and spent the last week in exciting Rio. Salvador I stayed in the simple but very [...]

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Tango in Argentina 2015 / 2016


My first visit to Argentina was in 2004 (only in Dutch). I was a backpacker then, doing the ‘touristy thing’. This time I returned as a digital nomad, to live in Buenos Aires for a month and learn to dance tango. I can summarize my month in 4 words: walk, work, eat and tango.

Tango in Argentina 2015 / 20162022-08-27T16:53:54+02:00

Colombia 2015


This is my third time visiting this beautiful country and I am still amazed by the friendly people, the great service, the wonderful, fresh food and the quality of life you can have here. From a cheap backpacking trip to a family holiday to an expat [...]

Colombia 20152022-08-27T16:57:24+02:00

Puerto Rico


In the spring of 2012 I sailed around Puerto Rico for a month. After visiting most of the Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico was probably the biggest surprise for me. It is part of the USA and yet it feels like a completely different world. The country [...]

Puerto Rico2022-04-27T15:49:13+02:00

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (2009)


Living history The first time I visited Ecuador, I did not have enough money to visit the Galapagos islands, 972 km west of the mainland, in the Pacific Ocean. I am glad I came back a few years later, to discover this wildlife [...]

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (2009)2022-08-27T17:44:35+02:00
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