A long walk to freedom


Food for thought in Robben Island prison, Cape Town, South Africa. The first two times I visited South Africa, I did not go to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was kept as a political prisoner for 18 years. I had read his book [...]

A long walk to freedom2022-08-27T16:54:33+02:00

Ten things I love about Cape Town


I just spent 12 days in Cape Town for the #cocreateSA project of the Dutch Consulate. It was the fourth time I visited this amazing city: time to share the 10 things I love most about Cape Town.

Ten things I love about Cape Town2022-08-27T16:45:16+02:00

Big five, small five, shy five


Africa is known for its 'big five': the five large wild animals you MUST see on safari: the lion, buffalo, elephant, rhino, and leopard. While traveling through Namibia, I noticed that the desert seems so empty and that there are hardly any sights in terms of wildlife. Until a local guide pointed out the 'small five': a collection of spiders, beetles, and lizards that live in the desert. Under his expert guidance and trained eye, the arid environment suddenly transforms into a world teeming with life!

Big five, small five, shy five2022-08-27T17:08:15+02:00
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