NO EXCUSES mindset

“If you really want something, you will find a solution. Otherwise you will find an excuse …”

See possibilities where others see problems. Turn challenges into opportunities. Turn it around. These blogs will show you that your mindset can take you further than you ever dreamed possible.

The Best Reference


The Best Reference Regardless of whether you’re a speaker, coach, consultant or business person: what works better than explaining on your website just how good you are? Exactly: letting your clients do the talking. But do you recognize the situation in which a hugely enthusiastic client – after [...]

The Best Reference2022-08-27T16:45:36+02:00

Leadership is not my ‘thing’


Leadership is not my ‘thing’ Leadership is not my bag. I do not like the term, and I do not really like what it represents. And so I don't understand why it is on everyone’s agenda. I am a lone wolf. A pioneer. I don't consider myself a [...]

Leadership is not my ‘thing’2022-08-27T16:53:37+02:00

Hooray! My turbo button is broken!


Hooray! My turbo button is broken! It’s exactly a year ago today that I got whiplash from a car accident on Curaçao. At first, I thought I had needed to learn a wise lesson (‘slow down!’) and that a few months later my life would be back to [...]

Hooray! My turbo button is broken!2022-12-29T12:34:19+01:00

Bucket list


Bucket List I know the kick I get from 'checking' something off my bucket list. So why had it been so long since I last did it? Join me on a small adventure and (re)discover the joys of taking action and the marvels of letting go and 'going with the flow'... [...]

Bucket list2022-08-27T16:58:28+02:00

Which glasses are you wearing?


Which glasses are you wearing? What lens do you use to filter the world? If there is one thing I learned during my anthropology studies, it is that you ALWAYS look through a lens that is the result of exposure to your culture, upbringing, position, experience, personality, expectations, [...]

Which glasses are you wearing?2022-08-27T16:56:56+02:00

Make your weakness your greatest strength


Make your weakness your greatest strength After Steve Jobs died, I, like half of the rest of the world, devoured his book. It was fascinating to read how such a jerk of a guy could come up with such brilliant ideas! It was even more interesting to [...]

Make your weakness your greatest strength2022-08-27T17:29:48+02:00

Perseverance – TEDxCuracao


TEDxCuracao A lesson in perseverance... I was pretty excited about my TEDx presentation in Curaçao (2011). Even as a seasoned speaker, it is always an honor to be considered for an event like this. Another perk was that I had been trying for years to get an English [...]

Perseverance – TEDxCuracao2022-08-27T17:31:19+02:00

Security or adventure?


Security or adventure? I find myself increasingly confronted with a luxury problem: too many choices! So many fun projects, beautiful countries to visit, interesting people to meet, films to see, books to read: it’s impossible to keep up. The more the 24-hour economy (with new media and the [...]

Security or adventure?2022-08-27T17:30:50+02:00

What is your dream?


What is your dream? What would you most like to do if you were not hampered by time, money, obligations or other limitations? Start your own company? Take a trip around the world? Write a book? Devote more time to fun things? And when do you plan to [...]

What is your dream?2022-12-29T12:34:43+01:00

What is YOUR excuse?


What is YOUR excuse? “I don’t have time or money, I’ve got responsibilities, this is not the right moment…” Many people have excuses as to why they are NOT following their dreams. ?I love the saying “Winners make goals, losers make excuses!” People sometimes refer to me as [...]

What is YOUR excuse?2022-08-27T17:54:44+02:00
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