Food for thought during the holidays

Food for thought - Inspiration Shot Christmas 2018

I wish you a conscious Christmas and wholesome holidays from Buenos Aires! Holidays bring people together, I appreciate that. But I don’t like the hype, the pressure and especially the commercialization.
My ‘happy hippie’ brother Michael Angelo once summarized my sentiment perfectly in the holiday greeting ‘Merry Capitalismas‘.
What if we would all be a bit more conscious this year? BE present instead of giving presents. Value experiences over possessions. Share whatever you have with old and new friends and family…

A Conscious Christmas

Food for thought - Inspiration Shot Christmas 2018

Mysterious clocks and calendars

Food for thought - Inspiration Shot Christmas 2018

A nice article about how old civilizations kept track of time, and how we are slowly rediscovering the meaning and wisdom of their ancient calendars.

Kindness calendar

Food for thought - Inspiration Shot Christmas 2018

BE present, don’t buy presents

Food for thought - Inspiration Shot Christmas 2018

What would make you and the other person really happy? A present as tangible proof that you thought about them? A gadget that is fun for a few minutes and then gets discarded? Or some quality time, a handwritten poem or note? In these times of distraction and multi-tasking, giving somebody your undivided attention may be the best gift.

The mother as a creator

Taiwanese photographer Annie Wang started an unusual art project when she was pregnant of her son. Each year she takes a photograph of the two of them in front of the photo from the previous year. This creates an incredible backdrop. Can you imagine the amount of planning, patience, creativity and determination needed to execute this idea? Can you think of a project you can create like this?

Food for thought - Inspiration Shot Christmas 2018

Where is Esther?

Food for thought - Inspiration Shot Christmas 2018

Cruise your bruise?!?

On the day of the 5th anniversary of my car accident and whiplash in Curaçao, I had an unfortunate sporting incident, injuring both my knees and ending up with a mini-whiplash… 🙁 I guess the universe tried to tell me it was time to slow down. And what better place to do that than on a cruise ship on a Trans-Atlantic crossing? With 14 entrepreneurs we ‘Cruised our business’ from Barcelona to Buenos Aires, with stops in Casablanca, Lanzarote and Brazil. I delivered a different workshop each day and organized excursions in the ports where I know people, including with the ex-drug dealer who now supports a charity for kids in the favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro…
I slept a lot and learned (again) to listen better to my body. “If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream…” this is one of the many lessons I am learning from the new book I am writing. If you have a project that you have been wanting to do, but don’t have time for: in just 30 mins or 1 hr a day you can get it started again. And once it is moving, it will be easier to get it finished.

I am now in Buenos Aires to meet friends and dance tango while I continue writing. I also start the 1 on 1 deep dive sessions with each member of my Elite Mastermind group. We start on Jan 1st with a year of intense group coaching. There is only 1 spot left, so if you are interested in working closely with me, sign up for a call quickly.

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