Inspiration shot Winter 2016

From a snow storm in New York, via a village protest in Wales to tango lessons in Buenos Aires: I see creativity everywhere… That’s were I get my inspiration. I have collected the most interesting stories to share with you. Enjoy!


Inspiration shot Winter 2016

Turn any challenge into an opportunity

A New Yorker built an igloo in his garden after storm Jonas and put it on airbnb for $200. Now that’s entrepreneurship!

Inspiration shot Winter 2016

This is what happens when you reply to spam email

Brilliant TED speech about a very funny guy who did the unthinkable…

500 people dancing in the sky

A mesmerizing performance at the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics. I have never seen anything like this.

Who needs instruments?

This lot takes creativity to a whole new level with their cover of Adele’s song ‘Hello’.

Inspiration shot Winter 2016

NO Trump

No words…

A better world

Inspiration shot Winter 2016

Simple and true

Jose Mujica, former president of Urugay explains how the world works.

Inspiration shot Winter 2016


Jose’s interview is part of HUMAN, the most powerful film ever. Bits and pieces have been showing up on Facebook, but the entire video is worth watching.

Inspiration shot Winter 2016

Entire town goes offshore

Personally I still have trouble with the Dutch tax service. Even though I got ‘fired’ from the country and have lost all my rights, they still want me to pay taxes as if I lived there. And I am not the only one protesting the ridiculous system. When independent traders in a small Welsh town discovered the loopholes used by multinationals to avoid paying UK tax, they decided to move their entire town “offshore”.

Inspiration shot Winter 2016

Hold space

What it means ‘to hold space’ for people, plus eight tips on how to do it well.

Travel & Tips

Inspiration shot Winter 2016

Brazil and Argentina

I have just spent the most amazing 3 months in South America. It all started with the €150 re-positioning Nomad Cruise from Spain to Brazil. I wrote blogs with tips for Brazil and Argentina. Especially recommended are the video of an adrenaline motor ride in the favela’s with a former drug dealer  and my very personal blog ‘life lessons from tango‘. I was so impressed by what I learned, that I am flying my teacher over to Amsterdam for the workshop ‘Tango as a mirror‘ in April – May. See you there?

Digital nomads book

Digital Nomads

Natalie Sisson (Suitcase Entrepreneur) calls it “the most complete guide ever”. After fitting in all tips from the nomads I met on the cruise, my new book is finally out! Check the preview or order it now for just $7,95

Inspiration shot Winter 2016

Get Sh*t Done!

Spending time with other location independent entrepreneurs in Brazil, we found that each one of us found simple solutions that make us productive, happy and succesful while we travel the world. We decided to record an ecourse about ‘productivity in challenging circumstances’ right then and there. Watch 4 free video lessons and get all our productivity tips for just $79: Get Sh*t Done!

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