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Cruise your business

Set sail for focus and inspiration

Cruise an epic route with several interesting stops, be inspired by Esther’s workshops, focus on your project(s), meet new people and let yourself be pampered… The ultimate (tax-deductible) business trip! 🙂

After three fully booked Transatlantic crossings, I am scouting for another great deal, date and possibly route. Please let me know your preferences in this survey. See you on board? 🙂

“I learned so much. Truly an experience I will never forget!”
Conny Kelly, participant of the cruise in Nov 2015
“This cruise changed my life.”

Madeleine Muller

Cruise Your Business

During this unique cruise your life and business will get a boost. The prefect combination of relaxing, soaking up inspiration and bouncing off ideas with Esther and other entrepreneurs.

Join us on the very luxurious cruise ship, discover new destinations, participate in workshops, meet interesting people, work on your book or other project with personal guidance and inspiration provided by Esther.

Read my blog wrote about a previous cruise.


The price includes:

  • Luxurious cruise, with stops in above mentioned cities.
  • A single or double cabin with private bathroom.
  • All meals (choice menu in the restaurant or from the diverse buffets: 4 or 5 times per day!)
  • Drinks (beer, wine, juices) during lunch and dinner included in some packages.
  • Shows and entertainment on board.
  • A different workshop every day at sea (e.g write your own book in 1 week, personal branding, social media, visual storytelling, how to become a digital nomad, working more efficiently, how to become a better speaker) (value €100 per workshop).
  • 1 on 1 RESULTant session with Esther about your business, book, personal branding or project (value €350).
  • ‘Digital detox’: discover how productive you can be during the days at sea without internet.
  • Travel together with a like minded group of entrepreneurs, share insights, experiences, tips & tricks; eat, work, discover and party together (not necessarily in that order…).
  • With a closed Facebook group you can share your travel plans before the trip, and share pictures, results and keep in contact with each other after the cruise.
  • Invoice to file your trip as a business expense.
  • NO jetlag, because during the trip the clock will be adjusted only one hour at a time, so you will reach South America without a time difference.


  • Travel expenses: your flight to the start of the cruise and back from the destination and hotels you might book.
  • Tips on board (€10 per person per day).
  • Drinks, except for coffee and tea during breakfast.
  • Internet (card on board from $0,29 per minute).
  • Possible excursions in the harbors, other than the ones offered by Esther.
  • Possible upgrade to outer cabin or suite.



Is Cruise your Business for you?

  • I want to think ABOUT my business for a while instead of being stuck in the middle of it.
  • I have already achieved quite a bit and I feel I’m ready for the next step.
  • International: I am considering doing my work in multiple fun places around the world.
  • How do I let go of things so that I a free to explore new opportunities?
  • How can I make (even better) use of the huge potential of social media?
  • How can I work smarter so that I have more time left for my real qualities?
  • I like sharing my experiences and would like to hear how other entrepreneurs think, work and live.
  • I like challenges and a good bout of sparring…
  • I wouldn’t mind a few days on a terrace in the sun, eating tapas, getting some culture under my belt and perhaps a few hours with my feet in the sand…


The result

After this Cruise your Business trip:

  • You will have tons of new ideas for your company.
  • You will have gotten away from it all for a while, with a light tan, and relaxed.
  • You will know more inspiring business people with whom you can work.
  • You will have more focus in your company: what do you stand for and what do you offer in practice?
  • You will use your strengths more and add more value with what you do.
  • You will have integrated more useful habits, software, apps etc. in your workflow.
  • You will have received practical tips for the issues you brought to the table.
  • New joint ventures may have formed, or start-ups…