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Inspiration Shot November 2023

People often ask me: how do you do it? How do you turn seemingly irrelevant experiences such as raising money for charities, a relationship with a playboy, being fired from the Netherlands, dancing tango or picking olives into a successful workshop, book or retreat?
The secret is: use what presents itself. Don’t resist new developments, but be curious, try to find ‘the present in the shit’.
Some people have been following me for 15-20 years. They say they get inspired because I keep reinventing myself. Nice to hear, of course, but for me it is just different aspects of myself that suddenly become visible in a certain context.
In this inspiration shot I’ll give you some great examples and tips on how you too can continue to reinvent yourself.

Turn your weakness into a strength

In Judith Webber’s new book ‘Self-love in action‘ I explain how you can turn your most annoying trait into a positive one, just by changing context. Somewhere else your ‘irritating’ characteristic IS appreciated! Since the book is in Dutch the link and image lead to my English blog about this.

Make your weakness your greatest strength

Esther AI

I have a new ‘assistant’. Her name is Esther AI and it is an Artificial Intelligence experiment. My friends at have built a platform on ChatGPT, where you can upload all your books, articles, and frequently asked questions & answers. The AI coach will then answer questions in your own tone of voice, in any language! I am now training Esther AI to give real ‘Esther’ answers. Sometimes that works well, sometimes less so. Want to try? You can already see and test the beta version here. I’d love to hear your feedback!

Tim Ferriss: from tango to 4-hour workweek, to…

Tim Ferriss became famous with his ‘4-hour self-help books’, including ‘The 4-Hour Workweek‘, ‘The 4-Hour Body‘, and ‘The 4-Hour Chef‘. He’s a master at life hacking and speed learning, and he’s not afraid to use himself as a guinea pig. He has learned Japanese and other languages and is the first American to compete in the Tango World Championships in Buenos Aires and achieve a Guinness World Record. Tim is also an early tech investor in companies such as Uber, Twitter and Shopify. Nowadays he uses his podcast to research the use of psychedelic drugs to improve mental health. His ‘5-Bullet Friday’ newsletter has become a bit commercial but is still inspiring.

Neil Strauss: from pick-up artist to survival specialist

As a journalist, Neill Strauss took several ‘deep dives’ into worlds unknown to us. For example, he wrote a biography of a famous porn actress. For my book ‘Have you found your Mr. Wrong yet?’ I read his ‘The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists’ for which he took undercover lessons with well-known Pick-Up Artists. For ‘Emergency’ he spent three years among survivalists, tax evaders, billionaire businessmen and the government itself. When he got into a relationship, got married and became a father, he used those experiences in a new book: ‘The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships’.

Workshop alert

How to turn anything into a business

Want to learn how you can use all your experiences to inspire, help and motivate others?

Everyone has a characteristic or skill that seems ‘normal’ to them, but that can offer enormous added value to others, for which they are then happy to pay.

In this live, online workshop we will look at what your added value is and how you can earn an income with your passion.

November 15th from 12 – 1.30 PM (CET), around lunchtime. Can’t join? Send me your questions and receive the recording afterwards!

Inspiration bites


This 3-part miniseries on Netflix shows Arnold Schwarzenegger as an athlete, actor and politician.

Interesting to see how he kept reinventing himself while remaining completely himself.

Jury Duty

This is like ‘The Truman Show’, but for real. Enchanting to watch. The good news is: good people really do exist. Meet Ronald, the hero of this show, even though he thinks everything that happens is real. (Amazon)

90 Minutes in Heaven

Based on a true story about a pastor who has a near-death experience. I was really touched when I watched it. How your faith can be tested. And if you take up the challenge, how you can rise above it all and inspire others?

Mother nature

This Apple commercial made me surprisingly emotional.
It may be a bit of an exaggeration, but Apple is making another huge step here. The world needs more initiatives like this!
Let me know what do you think?

Did you know...?

.. that I just had an eyelift procedure done? After my eye problem in December, I lost some vision. I felt like my drooping eyelids limited my vision even more. Although I’m not really into cosmetic corrections, I decided to try it. Read about my experiences and see the results in this blog.

Where is Esther?

I’m in… Thailand! Enjoying the luxury, the friendly people, the top service, the delicious food… I am still completely ‘high’ from the Dynamite Circle conference #DCBKK in Bangkok. So much inspiration, 400 interesting successful entrepreneurs who live location independent, just like me… (some Dutch members in the pic below)

After the conference, 34 of us went to a hotel in Phuket for a week to process all the inspiration and put it into action. It is so unique to be among people who all live ‘on their own terms’. Everyone has their own diet, workout regimen and productivity hacks. Everyone does what works best for him or her and likes to share tips and help each other. A warm bath.

In the meantime, quite unexpectedly, the olive harvest in Puglia took place, two weeks earlier than normal. The result is just 224 litres. Order your freshly pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil now. *While supplies last…

Right now I am in Koh Phangan, where I will stay for a total of 5 weeks, including the writing retreat from November 19-26th. It’s been 7 years since I was last here, and I’m putting together a fun guide with my best tips. You’ll find it in the next inspiration shot.

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