Inner peace

Inspiration shot February 2024

For a few months now I have felt a deep inner peace. I am at peace and relaxed. Something that I had been actively looking for for years just suddenly appeared. And it seems like it’s not going away. I am no longer in ‘survival mode’. I am much more in the moment and can enjoy it more. It feels great.

In this inspiration shot I will share what I did to achieve this; hopefully it will also bring you one step closer to your inner peace; and give you hope that it is really possible, even if – like me – you have to come a long way…

Tips for more inner peace

I can hardly believe that the restlessness that was part of me is gone now. I was always in ‘survival mode’, always alert, busy, and productive. Now it feels more like just BEING and enjoying.

I’ve been thinking about what I’ve done lately that could have resulted in that mega shift. In this post, I share my insights and some practical tips that may help you create more peace and space in your busy life.

When the universe speaks, I listen…

After my retirement announcement, there is a lot of demand for my coaching, online workshops, and retreats. Something unexpected happened: even though I canceled the Workation in Puglia, many people suddenly expressed interest in this trip, which was not even on my website anymore! Now, with 7 enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Workation Village Italy will happen in May! A month in my authentic Italian village gives you a taste of the Italian life, AND it can do wonders for your projects; whether you are writing a book, stepping into entrepreneurship, or seeking creativity.

Do you also feel this call of the universe? Send a message and let’s see if it is a fit. Who knows, we might see each other in May in ‘my’ village, in Puglia, South Italy!

Are you guided by scarcity? Choose abundance!

It seems to be a busy year in terms of retreats because everyone who always thought ‘one day I will join Esther on one of her workshops or trips’ is now putting their words into action – the last year that I give workshops & retreats. This is super cool and special.

It makes me think: if my business is going so well, is it wise to ‘retire’? Shouldn’t I continue? It sounds tempting, but no, my decision is made: I’m really going to stop and create that space for myself. I’m just curious what will happen next. I have to keep reminding myself: I make this decision based on abundance, not on scarcity.

So: this is your last chance! I still have one spot for the writing retreat in Curaçao, March 19 – 26th. There are also plenty of registrations for the writing retreat in Mallorca (June 4 – 11th) and Thailand (November 11 – 18th) and my online workshops are filling up quickly with enthusiastic people.

Schrijfretraite Curacao

Workshop alert

You have an important message, but you don’t like being in the spotlight.

“Promotion and sales are not for me”…

This live online workshop provides you with tips & tricks to be visible and have the same impact online as offline, in a personal and natural way.

Do you want to be on TV? Sell your book? Get more coaching clients or participants in your workshops & retreats?

My ‘modern promotion and free publicity’ workshop is about visibility, personal branding, and social media for writers, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and digital nomads.

Inspiration bites

Conan O’Brian can’t stop

When ‘Tonight Show’ host Conan is banned from TV, he spontaneously decides to do a one-man theater show.

The tickets are being sold before he even knows exactly what he is going to do.

Sounds familiar? (…with a big wink to my theater show…)

The society of the snow

An Uruguayan soccer team survives a plane crash in the Andes by eating deceased teammates. I had already read the book and was impressed by the film. But it wasn’t until I was skiing in the Italian Alps a few days later (of my own free will, with good warm clothing and enough to eat) that I truly realized how incredibly cold & hard it must have been.

WNL on Sunday

What is a ‘digital nomad’ doing in a prominent (Dutch) political TV program?

I wondered that too, but at the end of the program, it became clear that I had been asked as a ‘light subject’ to liven up the political debate… I spent the last 10 minutes talking about the phenomenon of ‘remote work’ with enthusiasm & energy.

My Dutch LinkedIn post with lessons learned from being a guest at WNL already has 26K views!


While I am racking my brains in Buenos Aires to switch from Italian back to Spanish, I found this gem about the power of language 😂

Did you know...?

…that we’re looking for a caretaker for my father again? He has Alzheimer’s, and can no longer cope alone, but he is still very sweet and sociable. If you would like to live in beautiful Aventura, North Miami, and keep my father company from April 11 – July 9, have a look at this proposal (in Dutch) and let me know. We are also looking for someone from mid-July/mid-Oct, and mid-Oct/mid-Jan.

Where is Esther?

After a wonderful month in Puglia and new real estate projects, I went skiing for 4 days; for the first time in the Italian Alps. I enjoyed fresh snow, skied during a snowstorm, ate delicious mountain lunches, and was even invited to a snowmobile ride after the lifts closed. Then I had one day (!) in Amsterdam to change from winter to summer clothes and empty & prepare my apartment for rental. On Sunday morning I was a guest on the Dutch live TV program WNL on Sunday. It was super fun (my Item about the Digital Nomad lifestyle was last, after 45 minutes of political debate) and the responses are still pouring in. The taxi was already waiting to take me to the airport because 2 hours later I had a flight to Paris. It had seemed like a nice stopover when I booked my ticket to Buenos Aires, but there I was, walking in summer clothes in the freezing cold… Coincidentally, my friend and photographer Eef was also there, so we had a nice dinner. The next day I flew to Buenos Aires. My tango teacher and good friend Adrian was waiting for me at the airport as a surprise. Wonderful to be back in Buenos Aires. Great cafes and food and lively people everywhere. Exchanging money is an adventure: there are 5 different exchange rates. The largest bill is 1000 pesos (about $1), so you are constantly walking around with stacks of money. Inflation is so high that prices are only valid for 40 minutes…

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