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Inspiration Shot December 2023

For years the greatest desire that appeared in my meditations was to feel more ‘space’. After more than 50 years of extreme productivity and ‘no excuses’, I long for space to be. No more to-do lists, appointments, or obligations. More room for spontaneous adventure and creativity.
On my 55th birthday, on June 28th, 2025, I will say goodbye to this productive phase of life with a one-off ‘No excuses!’ Theatre show in Amsterdam. From then on I have decided to turn everything around. Instead of trying to work less and create islands of being in a life of doing, I want to switch to being with at most a few small islands of doing on it.
The most precious moments in my life happened spontaneously when I had nothing planned. I want more of that! So I’m not going to plan anything after my ‘retirement’. I don’t want to fill the space that is created, although there are hundreds of courses and trips I could plan. That would be continuing in the same way, only with different ‘do’ things. Strangely enough, that empty agenda after my 55th birthday does not feel ’empty’, it is not a ‘lack of actions’. It feels full; full of possibilities!
In this inspiration shot I will take you through my plans (plus how you can still work with me on your dream over the next 1.5 years). I’ll also show how you can find your balance between ‘doing’ and ‘being’. Because the magic is hidden in the latter…

More magic in your life

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Or that you were pleasantly surprised by something unexpected? A spontaneous meeting? A beautiful sunset? A unique conversation? A magic trick? That look of confusion and then surprise on the face of someone you spontaneously help? That feeling takes shape in the classic films Pay it forward and Amelie
For me, it’s that look of surprise when I help a coaching client put their book idea on paper: “Yes! Yes! That’s exactly what I meant to say!”
I also try to turn my writing retreats and my one-off theatre show into magical experiences, with unexpected sensations and experiences.
I am now reading the book AMAZE: The Art of Creating Magical Experiences. It shows how you can think like a magician to activate the power of wonder and surprise in everyday life. This makes me realize that I want even more ‘magic’ in my life and want to bring it into the lives of others.

Theater show

I’m going to celebrate my 55th birthday and my ‘retirement’ in a big way. You are hereby invited to my ‘No excuses’ farewell show in Amsterdam. In it, I will convey my life’s work to my (Dutch) audience, in an entertaining, interactive way.
It will be a bit of everything. From ‘no excuses’ to tango. From travelling to entrepreneurship. From Tiny Trullo to writing books. From ‘doing’ to ‘being’.
Ready to be surprised and inspired? Register here for the one-off show on Saturday evening, June 28th, 2025. If you buy a ticket now, you can bring a friend for free! (PS the show will be in Dutch)

But… I would still like to work with you!

Sure, you still can, for the next 1.5 years. I can help you realize your dream in the following ways, whether that is writing a book, entrepreneurship, location independence or simply more freedom in your head:

  • Until January 31st, 2024 you can start One Year To Freedom, where I will help you achieve more freedom in 12 months. If you register now, you will receive a 1-on-1 RESULTant session worth €350 as a gift. Can you imagine a better start to your journey to greater freedom?
  • In the coming year you can still participate in my live online workshops (I will give each workshop twice before stopping them forever.)
  • In 2024 you can still join me on a writing retreat in Curaçao (March 19-26th), Mallorca (June 6-11th) or Thailand (November 11-18th)
  • For the next 1.5 years, you can book 1-on-1 coaching with me, for your book or your business.

So if you’ve always thought: one day I’m going to work with Esther, then don’t miss this last window of opportunity.

I hope to see you in one of my workshops, retreats or coaching sessions in the near future!

Workshop alert

Energy management workshop

Do you want to learn how to find your balance between ‘doing’ & ‘being’?

If you have a passion for life, your work, your calling, and your mission, then you know that you want to dedicate your life – or at least a significant part of it – to that passion. To achieve this long-term goal, you need a sustainable method to manage your energy.

Never use up all your energy again, only charging it when the ‘reserve light’ comes on, and then drain it again.

This live online workshop provides practical tips and insights, so you can continue working on what is important to you.

Inspiration bites

Willo Sana published her book!

Willo started writing her book in my Thailand writing retreat in 2019. She took her time to include all her genius and now it is finished! ‘Double down on your genius‘ helps to own your gifts, align your actions and flourish in your calling.

Your ideal future

What would your days look like when you achieve everything you ever wanted? In this visualization exercise, I will take you through a day in your perfect future. A short, powerful exercise to then work towards your dream step by step.


Fundamentals of care giving

This is a strange kind of ‘feel-good road movie’ that encourages you to really live, even when life is not always easy.

Did you know...?

… that on November 22nd it was exactly 10 years ago that I had a car accident in Curaçao that completely changed my life? Due to whiplash, my head no longer worked as it used to, and I could no longer physically function as before the accident. At that moment I hated it and ‘fought’ to go back to ‘the way it was before’. Now I realize that this was ‘the best accident that could have happened to me’, because it forced me to enter into the process of greater balance between ‘doing’ and ‘being’, between ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’, between ‘being strong’ and ‘being vulnerable’.
Read more in my Facebook post ‘The best accident that ever happened to me’

Where is Esther?

I was actually in one place for the entire month: on Koh Phangan Island, Thailand. Staying in one place for so long has not happened for years, and it is also one of my plans/wishes for the future: staying at least a month in one place instead of moving every other week.
Thailand is beautiful, cheap, the food is delicious and the people are super sweet and service-oriented. Strangely enough, Europe feels better. Read my blog ‘Why I love Thailand, and why I don’t…’
The writing retreat in Thailand was incredible. We had a small but international group of writers from The Netherlands, South Africa and the USA. My assistant, Jelena from Serbia, also joined us. I have just booked the same writer’s villa, with the amazing view, again for next year. But first I am preparing the very last ever writing retreat on Curacao (March 19-26th)…
In a few days, I will fly back to Europe for 5 weeks of ‘winter’. Two weeks in Amsterdam (where I am happy to give a corporate workshop again, which I used to do a lot in the past). As soon as I land in Amsterdam, the first thing I will do is send the freshly pressed Tiny Trullo olive oil personally – I hope that the DHL shipment from Puglia will arrive on time this year. There are however a few litres left, so you can still order now…
I’ll celebrate Christmas and New Year in my village in Puglia. I feel that seasons are important and that winter also has a function: withdrawing into yourself for a while, a kind of ‘hibernation’, which I have missed for more than 15 years because I always skipped the winters and was always switched ‘on’.

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