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One Year To Freedom

Escape the 9-5. Be your own boss. Live anywhere. This program will guide you to more of what you love.

Spend time on what matters most to you. Be happy. Enjoy more energy. Feel free!

I will guide you step by step. Work at your own pace with this 12 month program. It is a combination of live online workshops / Q&A sessions, accountability calls, supported by exclusive video lessons, e-books, a workbook, a checklist, a Facebook group and many extras.

The very last edition closes on January 15, 2024. So, this is your last chance to participate!

Normal price € 1795, now a special offer:

Rachel Van Den Broek

“The various stories from experienced experts are inspiring!
Everyone will find something that helps them.”

Rachel van den Broek

One year to freedom

“I’ve already been remote for 3 years. This gave me a better understanding of
ways to deal with (Dutch) taxes and setting up a company abroad.”

Dirkjan Thijs

Topics we will cover:

  1. Your ideal life: what do you really want?
  2. Minimize: create space by downsizing your possessions, expenses, schedule and work.
  3. Entrepreneurship: how to turn your passion into a business?
  4. Six flag theory: where to register, set up your company, pay taxes, be insured and much more.
  5. Visibility: how to get clients, how to promote yourself  / your business in a natural way
  6. Location-independent lifestyle: what does it take to be a digital nomad? Practical tips & tricks.
  7. Energy management: how to make sure you don’t get a bore-out or burn-out with this lifestyle.

I will guide you, YOU will have to do the work

Freedom means something different for everybody, so I cannot promise you a specific result. What I can promise you is to guide you on your own journey. I will share my experiences, inspiring examples, practical tips, and frequently made mistakes. I’ll put you in contact with other freedom-seekers, plant the seeds, show you what is possible, and will keep reminding you that it IS possible. I will show you how it works, but I cannot do the work for you. I will provide you guidance and accountability, keep the topic high on the agenda, but YOU will have to do the work to get to where you want to be.

What you’ll get:

  • Q&A sessions

    Each live online workshop has a Q&A session. Your unlimited access during 12 months provides you the opportunity to get all your questions answered as they present themselves on your journey.

    Sessions will be recorded, so you can send in your questions to be answered and even have access the Q&A’s you could not attend.

  • Inspiration in your inbox

    Refresh your motivation with different stories, examples, and tips. You will receive recordings of the workshop so you can watch them (again) whenever you want.

    The inspirational emails with videos, visualizations, exercises, tips and inspiration, will take you through the process step by step. You will be triggered to try out different things.

    During the workshops and Q&A sessions you can get feedback and discuss the work you’ve done.

  • Video library

    You will receive access to exclusive video content on each of the topics. The instructional videos, interviews, recordings of webinars and Q&A’s will guide you through the steps, providing inspiration, practical tips and motivation to continue on your journey.

  • Checklist

    A practical step-by-step plan, that you can tick of as you complete each stage. The customized checklist contains all the things you need to consider and do to achieve your desired level of freedom.

  • Community of like minded people

    In our exclusive Facebook Group you can connect to other OYTF members and exchange experiences, tips, challenges and successes. This is the place to find people going through the same process, making the same steps and moving towards the same goals.

    It is invaluable to have access of this peer group, this tribe of other people who are trying to break free, who understand your struggles and your longings.

  • Accountability calls

    Every quarter I organize an accountability call to keep you on track and help you move forward. OYTF members also organise their own accountability calls, so you’ll get at least 4, there may be up to 12 during your year.

One year to freedom

“Thanks to the book and the videos
I am now completely sovereign”

Bertus Veenstra

Jeroen Van Weeghel

“Esther shows that life as a successful Location Independent Entrepreneur is possible.
Her down-to-earth and practical approach really appeals to me, as well as her ability to work with what you have.”

Jeroen van Weeghel

Florence Kenters

“Freedom and being independent really matter. I learn a lot from Esther’s experience: so much inspiration and exchange.
It is also important to do this with like-minded people.”

Florence Kenters

One year to freedom

“I managed to break free and give myself permission to be myself again. The program also brought me focus. To persevere and to make my choices regardless of what my environment thinks about it. I moved to Spain. The feeling of having my freedom back is priceless. “

Marjolein Ekkelboom

The results you can expect

  • Turn your dream life into reality. Step by step.

  • Meet like-minded people, share experiences and ideas.

  • Get answers to your questions. Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from experienced location independent entrepreneurs and experts.

  • Get assignments (if you like) to try new things and put tips into practice.

  • Get you set up for your location independent life, and if you are already living it, up-level your business for even more freedom.

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from”

Seth Godin

What is the price of freedom?

What is freedom worth to you?

I have put a symbolic price on the program so that it is attainable for everybody.

Normal price €1795

The very last edition closes on January 15, 2024. So, this is your last chance to participate!

Benefit from this very special offer:

Sign up now, the program closes in May 2024, with the final ‘graduation’ in June 2025.

Tamara van Aelst - One year to freedom

“It’s great to see how Esther instantly offers everyone a different perspective on issues they encounter.
That makes for a much simpler approach. Who doesn’t want simplicity and flow?”


Your instructor

Esther Jacobs is often called the ‘No excuses lady’ because she turns any obstacle into a stepping stone. At the start of this century, she was The Netherlands ‘ first digital nomad, long before this lifestyle became popular, even before the world was digital. She has visited more than 100 countries and hasn’t stayed in one place for more than 4 weeks in the past 15 years.

Esther has never worked for a boss and has set up many successful projects as an entrepreneur. She has given more than 1000 keynote presentations and two TEDx speeches, has raised €16 million for charities, is the author of more than 30 books, and has been interviewed by the international media 500 times.

Having been knighted by the Dutch Queen, to everybody’s surprise just a few years later her home country The Netherlands ‘fired’ her for traveling too much. Since then Esther has been advising governments, digital nomads, and other organizations on how to adapt ‘the system’ to the location independent lifestyle that is becoming more and more common. She recently purchased a plot of olive orchard with an old Trullo house in Puglia, South Italy and now produces her own olive oil.

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