Feeling Alive

Inspiration Shot December 2019

Feeling Alive - Inspiration Shot December 2019

Turn it around, get it done, feel alive!” Many of my previous inspiration shots were about changing perspective and about productivity. This time I’d like to dive into ‘feeling alive’. You know, those moments when you feel 200% alive, when you are really present, when all your senses seem to explode. When everything just feels right and you want more of it… In the past month I did 3 things that touched my core and connected me to my essence. Journey with me from the cave where I was hidden for 2 weeks during the Survivor TV show, to life lessons from learning how to surf in Sri Lanka, to connecting to the essence of life and ‘Being Woman’ in another tantra retreat in India…

‘Survivor’ 2005 revisited

I was ‘in the area’ (read: in Asia …) and decided to make a long-held wish come true. I went back to Harimau, the cave on an inhospitable island in Malaysia, where I was ‘imprisoned’ for 2 weeks for the European ‘Survivor’ reality TV show in 2005 … It was quite a trip to the remote island and I wasn’t even sure if I’d make it there, because it was a forbidden area. In the end, I succeeded. So many emotions and memories! I made a video of it so that you can enjoy it with me.

Curious? This video is the final of Expedition Robinson 2005, which also summarizes the entire series (Dutch spoken, with English subtitles)

One of the ‘tests’ that I had to pass was ‘sleeping with the fishes’. Just like in Italian Mafia movies, I was thrown into the sea with a 100-kilo block of concrete on my legs. My teammate had to free me. Those were frightening moments, but they did create spectacular images.

All episodes of ‘Expeditie Robinson 2005’ can be watched on YouTube (In Dutch).

Life lessons from surfing

Whenever I learn something new, I cannot help but notice the metaphor it provides for business and for life in general. I already wrote about life lessons from tangowatercolor paintingmeditation and tantra. This time I want to share my insights from a surfing retreat in Sri Lanka. Read the blog.

Life lessons from surfing
Life lessons from surfing

“Being Woman” retreat

After my first experience with Elijah Tantra school this summer, I was ready to learn more life lessons. How to be present and acknowledge all there is, how to process emotions instead of repressing them, how to allow more feminine energy. Time for ‘Being Woman Retreat’ in India…
I was deeply touched by so many moments of courageous authenticity, powerful expression, deep connection, hearts wide open and the exquisite magic that unfolds when women gather, especially when invoking archetypal energies. I’m still digesting all the new information and I’ll write a blog about it when I have processed it. For now, you might be interested in reading the blog that I wrote about my first tantra retreat.

Feeling Alive - Inspiration Shot December 2019

Black Friday

Another ‘life lesson’ learned: Dutch people don’t like Black Friday deals with visuals that focus on huge discounts … The offer for my ‘Writers Mastermind’ was super attractive, but the focus was on the price, not the content. If you are interested in writing your book, check out the ‘From idea to book in 6 months’ Writers Mastermind, plan a free call to discuss your book idea and we’ll still find you a good deal, promise!

I turned my ‘One Year To Freedom’ offer into a #freedomfriday deal which worked a lot better. The deal is still available this week if you like.

Mastermind: from idea to book in 6 months
Feeling Alive - Inspiration Shot December 2019

Where is Esther?

After two months in Asia and 4 days in Amsterdam, I am now in Miami with my father. I brought a lovely gift with me: the Dutch book ‘Heavenly Fathers’, in which daughters share beautiful memories of their deceased fathers. Fortunately, mine is still alive! I dedicated the preface that I was asked to write, to him.
Enjoy your father and other loved ones for as long as possible and make beautiful memories of every moment together. One of the few ‘fun’ things about Alzheimer’s is that my father just keeps re-reading the piece and enjoys it every time as if it were the first… ????

Feeling Alive - Inspiration Shot December 2019
Feeling Alive - Inspiration Shot December 2019

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