Writer’s Mastermind

Monthly membership for accountability, inspiration & support with your book

  • Do you find it difficult to make time, do you want to give your book the priority it deserves?
  • Don’t know where to start, or are you stuck?
  • Don’t want to reinvent the wheel? Would you rather focus on the content of the book, than the writing process?
  • Are you looking for tips, guidance, a place to ask questions, and to simply make progress?
  • Do you have questions about (self) publishing and book promotion? Maybe you even want to pre-sell your book while you’re still writing?
  • Do you really want to get started with your book?

Then membership of the Writer’s Mastermind might be just for you!

Membership is only €24.95 per month!
Currently only available in Dutch, but as soon as we have 20 people on the waitlist, we’ll start an English group as well, probably over the summer.

All this is included:

  • The ‘Reverse Writing’ book (worth €14.95)

    This book is the starting point for your writing adventure. You will receive the PDF plus the workbook as a welcome gift.

  • Workshop / Q&A (worth €47)

    A monthly live online workshop in which you receive useful practical tips and all your questions are answered.

  • Total value of €85, for only €24.95 p/m!

    You can cancel your membership at any time. It’s worth it for the welcome gifts alone!

  • Workbook (worth €9.95) 

    Take notes, do the exercises and answer the questions in the accompanying workbook (PDF).

  • Write-focus session (worth € 12.50)

    A moment every month to focus on your book, together with other authors.

  • Bonus: video library (worth €595)

    If you choose the yearly membership, you also get access to the online program with 50 inspiring video lessons.

Do you want to become a ‘founding member’?

This means that you’ll help me tailor the Mastermind so it works best for you.

In exchange for your feedback to make the program even better, I offer 20 founding members this membership at this low launching price.

In the future, the program will be expanded and the price will go up. However, as a founding member, you will never pay more than €24,95 per month.

“Are you feeling stuck or don’t know where to start writing the book that’s been on your mind for so long?
Esther has optimized the writing process. Her ‘Reverse Writing’ method is much easier than just starting at the beginning
and hoping it will work out. In an accessible way and with practical steps she guides you on your writing adventure.
The video lessons are pleasant and easy to follow. The bonus material is inspiring. It’s a great deal, no reason not to sign up 😉 ”

Greta van Buuren

“I am so happy that this online training exists! I had started writing enthusiastically, only to get stuck halfway through chapter 1.
Then I googled a step-by-step plan for writing a book and came across this online program.
It’s so clever and fun to write the back cover and design the cover first.
This way your book really comes to life, and you’re able to share it with others.”

Janna Koopman


We will cover these and other subjects:

  • Define your message

  • Market and competition research: is your book viable?

  • ‘Compose’ the back cover; the main page of your book.

  • Design a cover that sells

  • Structure: the secret to easy writing

  • Promotion and pre-sale of your book

  • Practical writing tips, both in terms of content and for the writing process. For non-fiction (management books, memoirs, etc.) and for fiction (thrillers, children’s books, etc.).

  • Editing, designing, and proofreading

  • Publishing and self-publishing

  • Your book presentation and promotion

  • Your book is here. Now what?

“The online workshops are very valuable; they save me a lot of time and money.
This, together with the personal feedback, makes for a much better book.”

Hans Gierkink, coach/trainer bij Singlecoaching

“If you follow these steps, you can be confident that your book will be completed. It gave me structure and made writing my book manageable. This allowed me to enjoy the creative process instead of constantly being focused on a distant goal.”

Willemijn Welten

This is included in the Writer’s Mastermind membership

Workshop / Q & A session

Every month there is a live online ‘From idea to book’ workshop in which I give an introduction about one of the themes. The practical tips will save you a lot of time and energy.

After the intro, the floor is open for questions about any subject, so that you’ll receive answers and feedback on what you are currently working on.

The questions, experiences, and tips from other writers are inspiring and provide insight into parts of the writing process that you might not have gotten around to yourself.

In addition, you will regularly receive an email with even more motivation, examples, and practical tips.

Write-focus session

A common problem of most writers is to free up time and keep the momentum going, especially if you have been at it for a while. The online write-focus session puts you into the ‘right-focus’ en ensures that you dedicate at least one moment every month to work on your book.

Writing together with others is a real motivator!

At the start of this focus session, you turn off all distractions and indicate what you are going to work on. I will answer some questions for about 15 minutes and then the group of writers will work for an hour, each focusing on their own book. In the end, everybody shares what they have achieved. Simple, but very effective.

The book and workbook ‘Reverse Writing’

The ‘Reverse Writing’ book is the ‘bible’ for anyone who wants to share their story or knowledge. You’ll have all the information you need to write your book, all in one place. With this handy step-by-step plan to guide you through the process, you can focus on the content of your book.

The workbook is a great companion to the book and the online program. It helps you to organize your thoughts and your research in a structured way. It is really a WORK book: it offers space for your notes and to complete the exercises described in the book.

You will receive the PDF of both books as a gift in the first month of your membership.

Video library

If you pay the first 12 months in advance, you will get access to the inspiring video library.

You will learn better if you combine the knowledge from the book with video and audio for even more examples, explanations, and inspiration. I have recorded a series of video lessons on every conceivable topic you will encounter while writing and publishing your book. In addition, you will learn some general skills such as free publicity and outsourcing, which are useful for any entrepreneur.

The examples and frequently asked questions from other writers have been incorporated into the videos. This way you have a complete video library with all the information to write your book and you can get started at home, at your own pace. (This online program is also available stand alone for €595).

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