Enjoy what is…

Inspiration Shot October 2021

Enjoy what is... - Inspiration Shot October 2021

More and more friends call me, anxious for some perspective. They feel like they are losing their sense of freedom. Apparently, they assume that I see the world differently and thus can broaden their perspective. Perhaps I do. When you travel as much as I do, you encounter different interpretations of the same facts and circumstances; different measures, solutions, attitudes, and therefore perspectives.
I have learned that you can focus on what is not there (anymore), and what you can’t or are not allowed to do, but you can also look at what is still there. The trick is to focus on everyday beautiful things. I myself am still surprised by the effect of paying attention to the little things that you might otherwise miss. A sleepy village, a beautiful FaceTime moment with my father, the complex taste of my olive oil, a beautiful nature photo or a new idea, a new opportunity. In this Inspiration Shot, I will share a few of those with you.

Patience will be rewarded

This photographer followed a squirrel for 6 years (!) The photos he took are simply magical.

Enjoy what is... - Inspiration Shot October 2021


This woman found a skunk – more dead than alive – that had been hit by a car. After he had recovered a bit, it became obvious that he had suffered brain damage: he just kept turning in circles to the left. Nothing could be done? But the woman did not give up. She devised an ingenious way to get the skunk’s brain working again. A moving and inspiring story.

Mental health

This artist found a unique way to express how he feels through the ups and downs in life. I am sure many of you will recognize this, especially when familiar with a mental health challenge.

“You only get one opportunity to buy your neighbor’s land.”

And when that opportunity presents itself, and you were already looking for some extra land with extra olive trees in Puglia, what do you do? Seize that opportunity, of course! My neighbor’s land was relatively expensive and does not have a building permit, and yet this decision felt like a no-brainer. It also seemed as if the two plots of land had once belonged together: there is a wall around them, but not in between the two plots. In the photo below you can see my (pruned) trees and in the far left corner the full trees of the neighbor, hopefully, mine soon…
Soon I will have twice as much land and olive trees. And so I can produce more TinyTrullo olive oil!
PS. the pre-sale for the new harvest (tinytrullo.com) in November has already started. There is only a limited amount of Tiny Trullo olive oil available.

Enjoy what is... - Inspiration Shot October 2021

Even more opportunities in Puglia

In the meantime, I stayed in an Airbnb in the village nearby. And I found out that there are beautiful old apartments for sale for extremely low prices, especially if you are used to Amsterdam prices. So…. I also decided to buy an apartment with my very last savings! A nice addition to my Tiny Trullo land, plus then I will have a workplace with good internet at hand when I’m staying longer. Unfortunately, the purchase of the apartment below was canceled at the last minute, but in November I will make my move! 🙂
After that, I can’t make any further investments unfortunately, but I’m very happy with my ‘real estate empire’ in Puglia!

Enjoy what is... - Inspiration Shot October 2021
Enjoy what is... - Inspiration Shot October 2021

Want to join my inspirational trip to Puglia?

I am so happy in Puglia (see the short video below). Do you want to experience that too? From Thursday, November 18th to Monday, November 22nd I will take a small group of inspiring people on a journey into my new world. Together we will go on an adventure, to the places that I have already discovered, and we will certainly also discover new things.
In addition, I help you brainstorm about what you are currently working on. Want to start your own business? Buy a plot of land? Travel around the world? Want to take your life in a different direction? Upgrade your business? Anything is possible. More information or registration.

Did you know...?

…that I have a new weird ‘hobby’? Every day I try to ‘rescue’ dogs or other animals from miserable situations. As you could see in some of the posts in this Inspiration Shot, I watch videos in which someone saves an animal. Also here you have the choice to focus on the misery inflicted on animals, but I choose to watch real people doing good deeds.
I admit, it’s a bit of a weird hobby, but it’s kind of a ‘feel good’ moment. I even feel sometimes that if I don’t watch the video of the animal being rescued, that poor soul will stay stuck in their miserable situation. You see why I ‘have’ to watch a movie like this every day… 🙂
Enjoy what is... - Inspiration Shot October 2021

Where is Esther?

My writing retreat in the French Alps is in full swing. Seven courageous writers from all over the world came to a mountain chalet for a week to write about birth, dating, business, climate, storytelling, and fiction. There is even an Alpine cookbook in the works!
My writing weeks are getting more and more luxurious and exclusive. This time we even have a private chef, and a massage included. Everything – except for writing and coaching –  is outsourced to the best providers, so that both the writers and myself can fully focus. This way I can enjoy the mountains even more. Every day I walk to the writer’s chalet for an hour, collecting edible mushrooms that we eat afterward.
Next Sunday, I’ll be flying to Mexico City to give a presentation at the Dynamite Circle conference, where I’ll also be meeting my location independent entrepreneur friends from around the world. The nice thing is that my brother Michael will join, so we will spend two weeks together in that exciting city. Then I will fly to my father in Miami (which is not allowed directly from Europe, so now I always have to go to the Caribbean for two weeks, very ‘annoying’.) In November I will organize my inspiration trip to Puglia. Who knows, I might see some of you there!

Enjoy what is... - Inspiration Shot October 2021

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