Trip to a ‘non-existing’ country…. During a trip to Moldova in eastern Europe I visited Transdnistria: a country that officially does not exist. Still, it appeared quite real, with its own border, customs, uniforms, police, language, money, stamps, etc. 15 years ago Transdnistria separated itself from [...]


Sweden (199?) and 2009


Design, fish and… rain… Visiting Goteborg in November is NOT a good idea! Lots of rain and it is dark most of the day. People here say “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes” and they are probably right. Kids wear [...]

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Siberia (2002)


Meet the Nenets In september 2002 Dorcas Aid asked me to join a trip to visit the Nenet indigenous people of Western Siberia, to deliver provisions and support. Just after summer there are only a few weeks when their territory is accessible. Foreigners are normally not allowed, [...]

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Portugal (1994, 1997, 2002, 2008, 2012, 2013)


Where time stands still… Lisbon is a bustling city, with great restaurants, modern nightlife and beautiful old quarters. People in Portugal’s interior provinces, however, live just as they did a hundred years ago. The pictures above are from the old village [...]

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Poland (2002)


Remember…. My family from my fathers side is of Jewish descent. 53 of them did not come back from the concentration camps in the second world war. In 2002 a group of survivors of the holocaust, family members and others participated in a memorial trip [...]

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Netherlands (Home Country)


Double Dutch…. Holland may be small (if you drive fast for two hours in a straight line, you are in a different country!), but with nearly 17 million people, it can get quite crowded. Amsterdam is a truly international, but still village-like city. make sure [...]

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