Iceland is amazing. The country is rough, wild, and beautiful; you genuinely feel the power of nature. But it is not easy to travel, due to the harsh weather and limited (sun)light during the winter. Iceland is quite expensive, from hotels to food to experiences. So make sure you enjoy your visit!


Lanzarote, Spain 2018


Lanzarote One person can make a difference During the Cruise your Business Retreat in late 2018 we stopped in Lanzarote. It was a lovely break from the cruise being out in nature and it was our last chance to be on land for the [...]

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Sweden (2018)


Sweden, you are beautiful! I found out that ‘the middle of nowhere’ actually exists; it’s a three hour drive from Stockholm, there’s perfect silence only broken by bird song and there are forests and lakes and knäckebröd and no people… The area around Borlange is a [...]

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Czech Republic


The first time I visited Prague was in 1991. The city was like a princess who had just been kissed awake and was still a bit foggy about what happened. People still had to get used to the new situation. I remember there were oranges displayed [...]

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Bucket list


Bucket List I know the kick I get from 'checking' something off my bucket list. So why had it been so long since I last did it? Join me on a small adventure and (re)discover the joys of taking action and the marvels of letting go and 'going with the flow'... [...]

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Barcelona is such an easy city to love. I go at least once or twice a year. I feel strangely at home in this vibrant, laid back city. To have a ‘cortado’ coffee and ‘tostadas’ with olive oil and tomato in the morning at just about any [...]


Portugal – Lissabon


[singlepic id=168 w=320 h=240 float=left]Lisbon is a beautiful city, very cheap according to Northern European standards, full of life, color and wonderful restaurants. I stayed in the Zuzabed B&B; a great place, dead centre, with very friendly personnel. They will plan your sight seeing, walking routes, [...]

Portugal – Lissabon2022-08-27T17:24:40+02:00
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