Lanzarote, Spain 2018


Lanzarote One person can make a difference During the Cruise your Business Retreat in late 2018 we stopped in Lanzarote. It was a lovely break from the cruise being out in nature and it was our last chance to be on land for the [...]

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Sweden (2018)


Sweden, you are beautiful! I found out that ‘the middle of nowhere’ actually exists; it’s a three hour drive from Stockholm, there’s perfect silence only broken by bird song and there are forests and lakes and knäckebröd and no people… The area around Borlange is a [...]

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Czech Republic


The first time I visited Prague was in 1991. The city was like a princess who had just been kissed awake and was still a bit foggy about what happened. People still had to get used to the new situation. I remember there were oranges displayed [...]

Czech Republic2022-04-27T15:48:45+02:00

Bucket list


Bucket List I know the kick I get from 'checking' something off my bucket list. So why had it been so long since I last did it? Join me on a small adventure and (re)discover the joys of taking action and the marvels of letting go and 'going with the flow'... [...]

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Barcelona is such an easy city to love. I go at least once or twice a year. I feel strangely at home in this vibrant, laid back city. To have a ‘cortado’ coffee and ‘tostadas’ with olive oil and tomato in the morning at just about any [...]


Portugal – Lissabon


[singlepic id=168 w=320 h=240 float=left]Lisbon is a beautiful city, very cheap according to Northern European standards, full of life, color and wonderful restaurants. I stayed in the Zuzabed B&B; a great place, dead centre, with very friendly personnel. They will plan your sight seeing, walking routes, [...]

Portugal – Lissabon2022-04-27T15:49:13+02:00
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