Fasting with a foodie


Fasting with a foodie If you know me (or follow me on Instagram), you know my entire life evolves around food. I eat about every two hours and when I am not eating, I am either talking or thinking about food... So fasting was the last thing on [...]

Fasting with a foodie2020-04-05T14:41:58+02:00

A day in the life of a digital nomad…


A day in the life of a digital nomad… Many people ask me what a typical day looks like. The funny thing is: there is no such thing as ‘a typical day’ when you live a life like a free spirit. Every day is different. Nothing ever repeats [...]

A day in the life of a digital nomad…2020-04-05T14:13:52+02:00

‘Museum Piece’


"Museum Piece" Late 2015 I was honoured with my own exhibition in museum Flehite in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The temporary exhibition was about various forms of emigration. The fact that I am considered The Netherlands ‘first digital nomad’ apparently made me ‘museum-worthy’… It felt so [...]

‘Museum Piece’2019-05-13T04:10:17+02:00

Around the world in 10 desserts


Around the world in 10 desserts When I am not eating, I am either talking or thinking about food. My Instagram account is full of food pictures, my ‘all inclusive’ workshop participants affectionately label me as a ‘feeder’; let’s be honest: I LOVE food. And most of all: [...]

Around the world in 10 desserts2020-04-05T15:26:24+02:00

I’d lost my mojo


I’d lost my mojo I’d lost my mojo – my spark. And I hadn’t even realised. Until I came across it again in Brazil, after a cruise with 150 digital nomads. I had been struggling with my health for over ten months. Apparently I had asked more of myself [...]

I’d lost my mojo2020-04-05T13:30:27+02:00

Bucket list


Bucket List I know the kick I get from 'checking' something off my bucket list. So why had it been so long since I last did it? Join me on a small adventure and (re)discover the joys of taking action and the marvels of letting go and 'going with the flow'... [...]

Bucket list2019-05-13T04:52:10+02:00
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