Around the world in 10 desserts

When I am not eating, I am either talking or thinking about food. My Instagram account is full of food pictures, my ‘all inclusive’ workshop participants affectionately label me as a ‘feeder’; let’s be honest: I LOVE food. And most of all: I love desserts. In this blog I share my favorite desserts all over the world.

1) Curaçao – Tempura cheese cake – Craving Sushi

The restaurant is unattractive, located in a small shopping mall. They don’t even have a website. But their food is superb: some locals eat here up to four times a week! A dessert of cheesecake, deep fried in a sweet tempura batter, might not sound attractive, but wait until you taste it. I would fly to the Caribbean island of Curaçao right now, just for another bite of this dream of a dessert, served with a huge scoop of ice cream on top. Experienced tempura cheese cake eaters know that the first thing to do is to roll the ice cream scoop off the cake, to keep the batter hot and crispy, as God has intended it to be… 😉

2) Mallorca – Banoffee pie – Cappuccino

The trendy Cappuccino chain of coffee houses serves this incredible pie made of layers of biscuit, caramel, banana and cream. Don’t think, just order, eat and enjoy… Worry about calories later… My favorite Cappuccino branch is the one in the heart of Palma: Palau March.

banoffee pie

3) Amsterdam – Apple Pie – Winkel 43

The best apple pie in the world. And believe me: I did my research! On an average Saturday (market day on the ‘Noordermarkt’ where this cafe is situated) they bake and serve between 80-100 apple pies! The pies are cut into 8 pieces, which are scooped onto plates and served straight away (still warm!) to the line of faithful customers waiting outside the restaurant. Order your pie with whipped cream, accompanied by a ‘koffie verkeerd’ (coffee with lots of milk) or a fresh mint tea, like the locals do.


4) Miami – Cashew vanilla nut milkshake – Coconut grove raw foods market

Is it a dessert? Is it a smoothie? Does it matter? Glaser Organic farms sell a wide range of their organic products at this lively Saturday market. All their desserts are delicious (and ‘guilt-free’, because they’re organic and raw!), but this milkshake is my absolute favorite. Cashew milk, fragrant Thai coconut meat and water, real vanilla, sweetened with agave and dates; need I say more? They also make raw ice cream with the same ingredients. Go to this market and make sure you go hungry. Bring enough cash, because raw foods don’t come cheap in the USA. But I promise: you won’t regret it!

5) Bali – Coconut ice cream – Warung Sopa

In Ubud, Indonesia, there are many wonderful small family restaurants and cafes. Warung Sopa is a great hangout spot. Their pumkin soup is one of a kind and they make a decent chai latte. Their homemade coconut ice cream is to die for. This recommendation is special, coming from somebody who normally doesn’t like ice cream… (too cold, brrrr)

coconut ice cream

6) Bogota –  Any dessert!  Andres Carne de Res

This might be my favorite restaurant in the entire world… Incredible food, an unbelievable setting, perfect branding, great service, but most of all: Colombians know how to party! There is a branch in Bogota, but the original (and best) restaurant is in Chia, about one hour from the capital. Their desserts are an adventure, just like the rest of their food experience. This is the only place where I could not choose a favorite. You have to go and find out for yourself.

Andres Carne de Res

7) Amsterdam – Walnut banana bread – Cotton Cake

Cotton Cake is a dangerous place. Not only do they have the tastiest, prettiest and healthiest food, the café is situated in a very attractive clothes store… Their walnut banana bread (lightly toasted and served with fresh banana and organic butter) is divine. Great breakfast, snack or with coffee. By the way, they also serve a lovely green matcha latte.

banana bread

8) Mallorca – Black chocolate truffle with olive oil and sea salt – Ca’n Punta

The lovely seaside village of Portixol is just minutes away from Palma city. When almost everybody I met in Mallorca kept talking about this cute organic Greek restaurant, I decided I had to try it out. I fell in love with the location and the food. Their moussaka is the best ever. And their dessert of a very solid chocolate mousse served with biological olive oil, basil, fruit and sea salt is just divine. Share the dish, as it is very filling…. 😉

chocolade truffel

9) San Francisco – Green tea mochi – Samovar

At Samovar tea house they brew real teas, real time. You can taste each one of them before you decide. Their egg jar breakfast is original, tasty and healthy; and you can take the jar home afterwards. A green tea mochi as dessert completes your San Francisco The Mission tea bar experience.

green tea mochi

10) Berlin – Cheese cake – The kitchen Cafe

Five Elephants coffee roasters and bakery reputedly bakes the best cheesecake in town. The kitchen café, a cosy, trendy littly eatery in Mitte, serves them. A great place to work or rest. The Circus apartments above the café are the best place to stay in town. No need to look any further for food, accommodation and inspiration.

cheesecake berlin 2