One month on Curaçao

Get ready for a month of ‘book talk’ and other inspiration, entrepreneurship, action, win-win-win relations and ‘No Excuses’ mentality!

I will be spending the entire month of March 2020 on my beloved ‘Dushi Korsou’, where I have planned a writing retreat and various workshops. I would love it if you could join me:

Start at the end! The most effective way to write your book.

Location: CoWorld, The Triangle, Hoogstraat 18, Otrobanda.

Only NAFL 15, including the ebook ‘How to write a book in a week’.

Tips for (self-)publishing en promoting your book.

Location: CoWorldThe Triangle, Hoogstraat 18, Otrobanda.

Only NAFL 15, including the ebook ‘How to write a book in a week’.

Let’s talk books! Meet Esther and other writers and creatives to share ideas, inspiration and feedback.

Location: The Bario Hotel, IJzerstraat 59, n/a Willemstad

The complete package, with hands on experience, inspiration and everything you need to know to write, publish and promote your book, including feedback on the most important page: the back cover. After this workshop you have a back cover to start your promotion, know Esther’s famous ‘reverse writing’ system and know how to self-publish your book when it’s ready.

Location: CoWorldThe Triangle, Hoogstraat 18, Otrobanda.

Only NAFL 150, including the ebook ‘How to write a book in a week’.

Dinsdag 10 maart krijgen ca 35 jonge leiders door kunstenaar Herman van Bergen een rondleiding in zijn meesterwerk de Kathedraal van Doornen. Dit kunstwerk is opgebouwd uit 30 miljoen doornen van de Wabi (Acacia Tortuosa) en is gerealiseerd met 18 leerjongeren. Herman van Bergen: Het kunstwerk is een labyrint, een denkhuis, waar de eeuwig dolende geest zoekt naar de vraag waarom hij geboren wordt in een lichaam om te sterven. Iedereen heeft weleens last van die vraag en godsdiensten hebben geprobeerd daar een antwoord op te geven”. Het kunstwerk is een ode aan de Vrije Geest.
Na de rondleiding gaat Esther Jacobs, digitaal nomade en bekend van het boek No Excuses ( met deze jonge leiders op dit thema van de Vrij Geest interactief verder.
Dit evenement wordt live via de Facebook pagina van Rotary Club Willemstad uitgezonden en kan daardoor ook door geïnteresseerden worden gevolgd.
Dit evenement bij de Kathedraal is een vervolg op het leadership programma “Rotary Youth Leadership Award” dat Rotary Club Willemstad jaarlijks in juni organiseert. Alle deelnemers van 2019 en de Interacters (jeugdorganisatie van Rotary) zijn voor deze bijeenkomst uitgenodigd.

Join my famous ‘Write your book in 1 week’ writing retreat  that has already helped more than 400 non-writers and entrepreneurs write and publish their book. Check out their results.

Are you serious about writing your book? Reserve 6 days (or a long weekend for locals) to fulfill this life long dream. Daily workshops, personal feedback, good food, an incredible location and plenty of writing time and focus together with other writers.

(Check the special deal for locals!)

Location: Landhuis Jan Thiel

Thursday evening March 26th: presentation for Centrale Hypotheekbank Curaçao about a new concept of ‘home’, in their new mortgage lounge.

Time and space to work on your book, meet other writers, ’speed-date’ with Esther to get feedback on your work and attend the Q&A sessions about writing, publishing and promotion of your book. A ‘hands-on’ workshop with lots of time to actually get some writing done! Naf 150. The workshop will take place if a minimum of 6 people attend.
Location: Online due to Covid-19

Feb 28 – March 28: I am available for a limited number of 1 on 1 RESULTant sessions (very special deal for locals!).

Why Curaçao?

For many years I have had a love/hate relationship with this island. It holds a very powerful polarizing energy, which in my opinion is both its attraction and its curse. I love the warm, blue sea, the laid back attitude, the music, food, people and even the deserted ‘kunuku’. But I don’t understand why people treat the island – and each other – so badly. Garbage, stray dogs and poverty are everywhere, even though all the resources are available to make it into a paradise for everybody. The much disputed ugly and dirty oil refinery, the corrupt politics; at one point my love for the island hurt so much that I left and decided not to come back. But pain heals, love grows and Curaçao kept calling me.

Two years ago I went back for the ‘Connecting the Dots’ conference and discovered a group of young local people trying to make the island better with trendy cafe’s in historic country estates, recycling projects, sustainable gardening and networks to support each other. And I felt hope.

So here I am again, feeling I want to contribute my knowledge and experience to help wherever I can.

I have lived on the island for 7 years and have visited more than 50 times int he last 20 years. Read my other posts about Curaçao.

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