Uncertainty as a comfort zone – Inspiration shot November 2021


After 30 years of entrepreneurship and more than 15 years of location independent living, you could say that uncertainty has become my comfort zone. For me, this means staying both alert and flexible, resulting in a more interesting life. If you let go of all expectations, there is room to be surprised. Sometimes positively, sometimes… less positive… :) I don't know what's in the air, but last month was full of surprises! Have you experienced that too? I would like to share some of them with you.

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Tips for remote working


As a traveling writer and Digital Nomad, I had over 15 years of experience working remotely before Covid broke out. Now that almost everyone can work from home, in a cafe, a coworking space, or a hammock in a tropical country, I like to share my tips so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

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How to write a great blurb for your book


What do you do when you look around a bookstore? You select books with interesting titles and covers and then read the text on the back, right? When selling online on websites such as Bol.com or Amazon.com, you will also be the first to see the blurb or back cover text. And what do you send as an 'executive summary' of your book to a publisher to see if he is interested? Indeed; that same text, your elevator pitch. The back cover is the most important page of your book. But how do you build it up? Below you will find the 6 important parts and a number of important tips for a good back cover.

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Are you a digital nomad?


Test: Are you a digital nomad? Is your dream to live, work & play around the world? In this test from my Digital Nomads book, you can find out if you have what it takes to be a digital nomad. For each question/statement you write down to what [...]

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How to structure your book chapters


It is nice for both a reader and for you as a writer if there is some kind of rhythm in a book. If the structure of your book and chapters has something recognizable, then the reader does not have to search for it again and again with each chapter and can focus completely on the content. Such a structure also immediately gives you a handy 'coat rack' when writing your book. In this blog, I will show you how to bring an appropriate rhythm to your chapters as a conductor.

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Yann’s success story


I never thought I could write a book. I did realize that I have a lot of knowledge and experience about a specific niche: subscription models for product-based businesses. And that companies really need that right now. But I had no idea how to write a book, where to start, and most importantly, how to find the time. Esther triggered me with her ‘Reverse Writing’ method.

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How to turn your book into an online program or eCourse


If you have written a book, you have already done a lot of preparatory work that you can also use for other things, such as a podcast, blog series, presentation, training, or eCourse. That can be a great source of income, a way to introduce more people to you and your method, and/or to reach and help even more people. How do you turn your book into an online program or eCourse? Here are some pointers and tips.

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Enjoy what is… – Inspiration Shot October 2021


More and more friends call me, anxious for some perspective. They feel like they are losing their sense of freedom. Apparently, they assume that I see the world differently and thus can broaden their perspective. Perhaps I do. When you travel as much as I do, you encounter different interpretations of the same facts and circumstances; different measures, solutions, attitudes, and therefore perspectives. I have learned that you can focus on what is not there (anymore), and what you can't or are not allowed to do, but you can also look at what is still there. The trick is to focus on everyday beautiful things. I myself am still surprised by the effect of paying attention to the little things that you might otherwise miss. A sleepy village, a beautiful FaceTime moment with my father, the complex taste of my olive oil, a beautiful nature photo or a new idea, a new opportunity. In this Inspiration Shot, I will share a few of those with you.

Enjoy what is… – Inspiration Shot October 20212022-06-11T12:03:58+02:00

7 ideas for a book trailer video


Did you know that you should actually start your book promotion while you are still writing? To many writers, that sounds vague and scary. One of the options you have to promote your book is a book trailer video. Very specific and fun to think about. Here are 6 possible formats for your book trailer video, a number of examples, and a tip where you can have such a video made for a reasonable price.

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You can’t stop the waves… – Inspiration shot September 2021


... but you can learn to surf! I notice that things that are happening in the world right now make many people feel unsettled. Some don't agree with measures that are in place, others feel uncomfortable in their current situation, and some even feel that their freedom is being threatened. I have learned that you cannot change external circumstances. If you try to resist something that you have no control over, you will just end up frustrated. I always try to focus on things that I can influence. Focusing on the things that you can change doesn't mean that you agree with everything that is happening, but means that you find your own way. In this Inspiration Shot, I will share some practical examples of how you can focus on things that you can change and have control of.

You can’t stop the waves… – Inspiration shot September 20212022-06-11T12:04:39+02:00
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