Lessons from construction projects abroad


Lessons from construction projects abroad Real estate investing in Italy and other foreign countries: fun or foolish? Investing in a foreign country: an adventure or a nightmare? It can be both, and even at the same time. I already had some experience with Dutch real estate, but when I [...]

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Back to nature – Inspiration Shot May 2023


As spring transforms my olive grove into a sea of flowers, I find myself undergoing a transformation as well. Returning to yourself after a long period of recovery can be quite challenging, especially when you have lost yourself in a disappointing relationship for years. Nevertheless, I am slowly regaining the color in my life. I even purchased a colorful protest sweater, plus I am learning a lot from nature. It brings me joy to be here in Puglia where I am not only connected to the internet (World Wide Web) but also to the 'Wood Wide Web' 🌳 🌳 🌳. In this Inspiration Shot, I will share some insights and tips on how we are all connected; both to each other and to everything around us.

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Digital delegation – Inspiration Shot April 2023


When you travel extensively and seldom stay in one location for more than a few weeks, how do you sustain your business? How do you work with your virtual assistants, and what tasks and responsibilities do you delegate to them? I have been getting many questions on this topic lately. With many people being (too) busy, they often even lack the time to explore outsourcing options. Therefore, this Inspiration Shot offers a variety of practical recommendations for working smarter and outsourcing duties to virtual assistants or ChatGPT, the popular Artificial Intelligence tool. Great news for entrepreneurs and writers on a tight budget. Let yourself be surprised and motivated by the possibilities available to you.

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Challenges – Inspiration shot March 2023


What if you seem to have everything in your life 'under control' and then suddenly get confronted with a health issue? A 'devil's dilemma' even? Then you are forced to look at your situation with completely different eyes. Especially if - in my case - it concerns an eye problem, having already lost partial sight in 1 eye, and the risk of becoming blind suddenly seems very real... How do you deal with such a situation or a similar setback? Do you listen to the experts? Are you going to do your own research? Who do you trust more? The doctors or your own gut feeling? In this inspiration shot we dive deep, very deep into the human psyche. Do you dare to dive?

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Puglia special – Inspiration shot February 2023


Puglia is becoming increasingly popular; trendy travel magazines, newspapers and special editions: everyone is writing about the area. Unfortunately, most journalists visit the same places, while there is so much more. Do you want to discover the real Puglia? Since I have been in Puglia for a few months now, almost without interruption, I would like to share with you my love for this authentic part of Italy. In this Inspiration Shot you will find tips, insights and fun facts. Whether you want to take a vacation here, want to practice remote working (during my Workation in April?), want to come and live here or perhaps even invest, here we go…

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‘Turning a blind eye’ – Inspiration shot January 2023


“If you had to choose, would you rather be blind or deaf?” Do you remember how you answered this hypothetical question? I always chose sight. Even though I know that sound is important, and being able to have a conversation; as a writer, reader, and traveler I value my eyes the most.  So it was quite a shock when I suddenly had flashes of light in my right eye a few weeks ago. I rushed to the emergency room of an Italian village hospital… It turned out that part of my retina had detached; I have permanently lost partial sight in one eye. I gained a lot of inSIGHTs from this experience, which I would like to share with you in this inspiration shot.

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Life lessons from eye problems


Sunday afternoon, out of the blue, I started seeing ‘light flashes’ in my right eye. Every time I moved my eye or head I saw this ‘lightning’; always in the same place, in the periphery of my sight. Instinctively I felt this was not OK. I messaged my doctor friends in Holland and they told me I should go to an eye doctor first thing in the morning. I went to bed at 6PM, trying not to move, not to put any pressure on my head. I was very worried, because even in the dark I saw light flashes.

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Why Most Digital Nomad Visa Are Useless


Recently, many countries have launched a 'Digital Nomad Visa', a document or program that gives digital nomads, location-independent entrepreneurs, and remote workers the legal right to work remotely, while residing away from their country of permanent residence. There are currently around 50 digital nomad visas! That seems like a good development. But what do digital nomads - and especially those with a European passport, benefit from it?

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Slow travel – Inspiration shot december 2022


To me, an airplane is a kind of 'time machine'. You enter with a certain climate, time zone, culture, and language and a little later you exit in a completely different world. Fast travel gives me a kick! But I've wanted to take it easy for a while. So when I saw this super deal on a 1st Class Interrail ticket; 3 months of unlimited travel through Europe, I bought it without thinking. In this inspiration shot I'll take you on my trip and will share some inspiration examples to reflect on your (life) journey: do you prefer fast or slow?

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Iceland is amazing. The country is rough, wild, and beautiful; you genuinely feel the power of nature. But it is not easy to travel, due to the harsh weather and limited (sun)light during the winter. Iceland is quite expensive, from hotels to food to experiences. So make sure you enjoy your visit!

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