Digital Delegation

Free your time and grow your business with a Virtual Assistant

Digital delegation -

Are you still doing everything yourself?

Discover the power of virtual employees and remote teams to help run, support, and grow your business.
You can outsource almost any task. There are qualified people out there who enjoy doing what you dread.

  • Think you can’t afford to hire a quality assistant?
  • Worried about how much of your time it will take?
  • Don’t know where to start?

Every small business owner, consultant, and online entrepreneur can get the help they need at a price they can afford.

With the practical tips, experiences, templates and resources in this book, you will learn where to find your Virtual Assistants, how to hire and how to work together successfully. Finally you will free up your time by delegating to someone you trust, so you can focus on growing your business.

Order your e-book now and you will immediately receive the PDF, .mobi and .epub version, plus the following unique and practical materials to get you started right away:
  • My personal job post for a VA that has helped me and several other entrepreneurs find incredible VA’s in no time
  • My application form and survey questions that have helped me and several other entrepreneurs select the best among all interview candidates.
  • The test assignments that I have my candidates execute
  • A list of all the tasks that I outsource
  • A video with my personal secrets about working with a VA

“This advice has really helped me understand how to delegate things to my assistant. I got so many tasks off my plate.
My days are much better now my VA handles all of my customer emails.”

Seonaid Beckwith, Perfect English Grammar

tom kent

“The templates and clear steps saved me so much time in hiring a great assistant.
She is now even doing client work, so I have hired a second VA!

Tom Kent, founder of

Yann Toutant

“Having a VA frees up brain space and adds huge value for me, my team and my clients.
Esther’s job post and templates saved me so much time in the hiring process!”

Yann Toutant, founder of