When is a book a success?

Do you have any idea how many books have to be sold to get bestseller status?

By the way, is your book only a success if it is a bestseller? That depends entirely on your expectations and goals.

A number of considerations and tips to make your book a success.

When is a book a success?

What makes a besteller?

When I started out, I had no idea how many books needed to be sold to qualify as a bestseller. What do you think? A million books? A hundred thousand? Ten thousand? I was surprised to discover that in a country like The Netherlands, with 17 million inhabitants, you can reach bestseller status by selling just two or three thousand books. Selling a thousand books is a good achievement; at about 1500, you usually reach break-even.

On Amazon being a bestseller in a selected category is generally considered enough to call your book a bestseller, and the barriers to entry are much lower. Sometimes it only requires a few hundred book sales in the first few days after launch.

Expectation versus objective

Is your book only a success if it makes bestseller status? Success depends entirely on your personal expectations and goals. That is why it is important to clearly define your objective. Why are you actually writing a book? Below are three important motivations and what means success in that case.

Share your story

Sometimes the sole purpose is to share your story. It’s not about how many books you sell. The fact that the story is now available to others is a great result.

A legendary achievement

Publishing your own book is a fantastic feeling. You have produced something unique and created a legacy that will continue to exist after you are gone.

For most people, starting to write a book is quite something, and finishing it is a legendary achievement. Millions of people want to write a book, but only a small fraction of them ever do so. Most book projects disappear into a drawer or a soon-to-be-forgotten folder on a computer, so finishing and printing your book is really something exceptional.

Thought leadership

Publishing a business book gives you expert status in your field. This credibility will have a positive effect on your other products and services. It can also be a catalyst to launch or boost your speaking career.

By the way, this is about publishing your book. Nobody will ever ask how many copies of the book were actually were sold. 🙂 So just that image of you holding your book says more that sales figures.

The bottom line is that YOU decide whether your book is a success, based on your own motivation for writing it.

Writing a book provides a lot of personal satisfaction. You can take a step back and see that you have really achieved something to be proud of in your life. This gives me a lot of inner peace. Reading my own book puts a smile on my face.” – TJ Halbertsma

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