TJ’s success story

How to turn your knowledge or story into a book

TJ Halbertsma is an ‘ordinary’ guy, who does extraordinary things. In daily life, he is the CEO of a large financial firm in London. In his spare time he is an extreme adventurer; climbing the highest mountains, crossing the Arctic and Antarctic, swimming the ‘escape from Alcatraz’ and more.

To inspire other people to pursue their dreams and climb their own symbolic ‘mountains’, he decided to write a book. TJ had never written a book before, but he approached it as a challenge to conquer. He made a commitment, did some training, called in support, and above all, persevered. 

After only one workshop with me, created the back cover for his book and started writing seriously. A year later ‘Many worlds to conquer’ was published and it has been a great success. 

With the proceeds from the book, TJ sponsors a charity for research into juvenile diabetes. The book has also opened up opportunities for TJ to give presentations about his adventures, enabling him to inspire even more people. 

I recorded an interview with TJ; it is fascinating to get an overview of his experience writing a book and the opportunities it has created for him. You can watch the interview below and read about TJ and his book ‘Many worlds to conquer’ on his website.

In this interview TJ shares:

    • How his adventures led to a book
    • Why would anyone want to write a book?
    • How public speaking and being an author reinforce each other
    • How to find out what your message is that your audience will appreciate
    • Why everybody should ‘climb their own mountain’
    • How to choose a charity to benefit from the proceeds of your book
    • How to find purpose in your personal adventures
    • How to write a book even if you are not a writer
    • Two tips to suck your audience into your story
    • Lots of inspiration that anything is possible!

I hope that this inspires you to use the time and inspiration that you have and share it with other people.

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