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Inspiration shot June 2022

How many people do you know? And how many people know you? What is the ratio between these two numbers? In my case, more people know me than the other way around. This is because for years I have put a lot of time and energy into sharing inspiration and tips in many different ways, and I have been quite visible. Recently I noticed again the power of that network that I have built.
On social media, many people still look for a ‘quick fix’, to sell their book or new online program, for example. But that’s not how it works. Just like in offline friendships, in the online world you have to invest long-term, make real contacts, look for win-win-win situations, and above all: be yourself. This inspiration shot shares some unexpected benefits of a large and loyal network.

Nyenrode Business University

Nyenrode recently celebrated its 75th anniversary, which also reminded me of the fact that it has been 33 years since I studied there… 😱
The festivities felt literally like a ‘homecoming’; so many friends and familiar faces! What struck me was that no one asked “How are you doing, what job are you in now?” Instead, the very specifically informed: “How is your father?” and especially “What’s up with your Tiny Trullo project?”
It turns out that people actually read my Inspiration Shots and social media posts and appreciate the inspiration. Even if they don’t “like” everything or usually don’t respond, at these real-life meetings it becomes clear again how strongly social media – often referred to as ‘impersonal’ – can connect.
Because I get so many questions about it, I am organizing a workshop on ‘modern promotion and free publicity.’

I am back!

In November last year, my Instagram account got blocked. For months I tried to contact a human behind the scenes to find out what was going on, but I couldn’t get past the ‘robots’. Through a FB post, I got the tip to take out DAS (Dutch legal assistance insurance) because they were successful in recovering some accounts from FB in Ireland.
Meanwhile, a contact at an agency in Serbia knew someone who knew someone who works at FB. And, all of a sudden, I had my account back!!! You can read the whole story at @estherjacobsnl.
Now (besides @TinyTrullo and @Reverse__Writing) I suddenly have TWO Instagram accounts. Do you have any tips on how I can use them? Business and private would make sense, but that separation is quite difficult for me to make. Or for example @estherjacobsnl as a Dutch account and @No_Excuses_Lady as an English account? Ideas and suggestions are welcome!


After years of being happy with my IKEA Family health insurance in Mallorca, I suddenly found out last week that they had just canceled my insurance 😱 Apparently there was something wrong with the Spanish bank account, but no one could tell me what. And they didn’t even bother to call or email me.
It turned out that I had been completely uninsured for more than 6 months! Coincidentally, someone in my Digital Nomad workshop knew another great option. Preuss German health insurance is actually intended for people who sail around the world, but also suitable for other travelers. You do not have to live in Germany. It is worldwide, for a maximum of 5 years, and costs only €77 per month. I’m a fan!

Energy management- inspiration shot Oct 2018

Book party

Recently, many books have been published by people who have joined a writing retreat, or whom I have helped to write their books with 1-on-1 writing coaching.
I would like to pay tribute to two authors of that I am extremely proud. Yann wrote a book for his business during two weeks of writing retreats.
And Nina made a wonderful cooking/coffee table/lifestyle book about Osa Major, the beautiful place in Mallorca where, on the last night of a writing retreat, my writers always read a page from their work around the campfire. Nina’s book was even featured on the front page of Delicious magazine, with a 12-page article in the magazine!

Yann Toutant met zijn boek ‘As A Service’ dat hij tijdens een schrijfweek van Esther Jacobs schreef

Did you know...?

… that I was at Nyenrode castle last week, with my ski boots? Yes really! Ski gear in The Netherlands, in June. 😂🤣 This is how that happened: in April I was planning to go skiing in France, the last week of the season with (former Nyenrodiaan) Martijn van den Elzen. But I arrived in Europe from Mexico and Miami, wearing only summer clothes. I asked a friend in Amsterdam to send a bag with winter clothes and my ski gear to France, just with the regular mail.
In the end, I decided to stay in Mallorca and not go skiing. My publisher Jan Willem Gerth, who did attend the event in France, took the bag back to The Hague by car. And so last weekend, at the Lustrum of Nyenrode, I got my bag with ski gear back. I thought it was such a hilarious story that I took this photo in front of the castle.

Where is Esther?

After a much too short week in the Netherlands (which you can see in this reel), I left again. My Nyenrode year club friends went on a ‘surprise trip’ to … Italy, Naples to be exact.
Nice to see this wonderful authentic super-Italian city, the impressive Pompei (where we were surprised by a heavy rain shower) and the beautiful Sorrento. It was fantastic to be together with ten friends who have known each other for 33 years – and make such a trip together every year.
When they returned home I continued by myself to Puglia, by train. A preview of the three months of interrail that I will be doing in the autumn. For the next two weeks, I will supervise the construction of my tiny house and the renovation of the Townhouse. You can follow everything via @TinyTrullo on Instagram.

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