The naked truth

Inspiration shot August 2021

The naked truth - Inspiration shot August 2021

I took this photo in Shoreditch, London last week. Graffiti and the artists that create it represent part of the feeling and culture of many cities around the world. However, this tunnel made me feel that the layers of paint also obscure what is beneath. They obscure the original essence of the place. We always have a choice to look at the surface or try to see things as they are, rather than dressing them up, covering them up, or exaggerating things. Let’s be curious and explore what’s underneath. And look at it objectively.

There is so much happening in the world, and everyone seems to feel entitled to an opinion. The saddest thing is when people get so connected to their ‘side’ or their ‘layer’ of seeing things, that they stop being objective and stop considering the thoughts, feelings, truths and perspectives of the ‘other layers’.

In this inspiration shot I would like to touch on a couple of these layers and try to uncover some naked (un)truths. I’d love to hear your reactions in an email or on social media.

White is also a color

I recently posted what I thought was an innocent message on Facebook about being nearly run over by an aggressive cyclist in Amsterdam. The post led to a heated discussion. When I tried to address the cyclist who ran into me on a footpath, he just drove on, swore at me and called me a ‘cancer whore’!
However, the discussion that followed was not about this incident, but about my writing that the young man was ‘lightly tinted’ and had an accent.
I’m not going to repeat the entire (Dutch) discussion here, but I noticed that some people politely asked me why I’d used those words, while others immediately accused me of discrimination, racism, and sometimes worse. I was shocked by the vehemence and fierceness of some of the reactions.
Usually, that means there is something to learn. About our society, about the sensitivity around certain topics and words, and of course also about myself. So I asked a few ‘lightly tinted’ friends how they experience this themselves. They introduced me to the phenomenon of ‘white privilege’. I was recommended to watch the Dutch documentary ‘White is also a color’. I also found this list of ten examplesthis older video experiment and the video below quite eye-opening. See for yourself. To be continued…

The naked truth - Inspiration shot August 2021

Exposing the truth about climate

I’d like to ‘undress’ another big issue… The question of whether the earth is warming up or not? Google has recently offered a time-lapse of Google Earth images of glaciers, that objectively show what is happening to our planet because of this warming. I was shocked to see these visuals of something that we usually only talk about. It is just one example of the damage that we are doing to the world but could be a good point to add to your next climate discussion. This is also an impressive article: How much has humanity already changed the climate? And how much worse will it get?

Naked trees

The locals in Puglia, Italia, told me that my majestic hundred-year-old olive trees urgently needed pruning. The pruning would be better for the trees and would ensure a bigger harvest and higher quality olives next year. It didn’t feel right and it pulled at my heartstrings, but these experts know what they are talking about.
For the result, check out the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of my naked trees… 😢
Fortunately, the trees are recovering fast. As a consequence of the pruning, however, there will be a very limited harvest in November this year.
Do you want to be assured of a can of ‘TinyTrullo’ extra virgin unfiltered olive oil, extra popular and rare this year? Pre-order your olive oil here.

The naked truth - Inspiration shot August 2021

We are all born naked, even squirrels

On a much lighter note: a Belgian filmmaker put a camera in the nest of a squirrel-mom-to-be. The images are unique and endearing. If you want to spend a few minutes in a totally different world, you should watch this video. It is also suitable for children, by the way!

Did you know...?

…that 15 years ago I did a naked photoshoot with a Swedish photographer friend who lives in Hawaii? I had just participated in the Survivor reality TV show. We found a cave on a beach that reminded me of the show and I thought “why not?”
My friend offered the photoshoot to the Dutch Playboy magazine a while later. She thought I was ‘famous’ in the Netherlands and hoped that we could both make some money. Playboy replied that I was “not enough of a celebrity” 😂. They wanted to publish the photos but only offered a few hundred euros for them. We decided not to go ahead, so the images have remained private. Until now. With some trepidation, I’m sharing this story and (intentionally blurry) image with you, given the theme of this Inspiration Shot…
The naked truth - Inspiration shot August 2021

Where is Esther?

I’m writing this in Shoreditch, London, in a hotel room, while I’m in mandatory quarantine. Why in London? Wasn’t I just in Curacao, Miami, Amsterdam and Paris? Indeed, within the rules and possibilities, I do continue my life of travel. Of course with a whole load of PCR and self-tests.
What I miss most in this time are the contacts with like-minded people, my fellow nomad entrepreneurs. That’s why I decided last minute to go to the Dynamite Circle conference in London. For three days with other location independent entrepreneurs I have to quarantine for 10 days and do at least 5 tests, but it’s worth it to me. I love to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs who live just like me and give a presentation about how a book can boost your business and how to write it as efficiently as possible.
PS. I am searching for a new caretaker for my father Rob in Miami. Would you like to live 3 months of luxury in the sun under the palm trees?

The naked truth - Inspiration shot August 2021

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