Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

Inspiration Shot November 2019

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? - Inspiration Shot

Every year in October I receive an ‘IV’ of inspiration at DCBKK, the Dynamite Circle conference for successful location independent entrepreneurs in Bangkok. Once again, this year was mind-blowing. Just the fact that you work ON your business instead of IN your business makes a huge difference. Add smart, creative, like-minded entrepreneurs and you have a recipe for magic. I’m still fascinated by how you can often help others to see the big picture, while that mostly proves difficult for yourself. That happened to me again this time. I would like to share my inspiration with you.

When all of the pieces of the puzzle come together…

Do you remember the A-TEAM TV series? Every episode there was an exciting situation in which they tinkered everything together and then overcome all obstacles. In this video, I explain my such moment of great eye-openers and insights. Everything we need is usually there already. You just have to see the big picture. What kind of insight do you get from this video that you can apply to your situation?

Work smarter, not harder

It is not about the number of hours that you work, but how you spend the time you are working as effectively as possible. A few handy tips:
  • Textexpander is my best productivity tool. It lets you use shortcodes for all your often-used texts, such as your address, phone numbers, instructions etc. It works in mail, word, internet, actually everywhere. This super software already saved me over 20 hours in the past year (It logs it’s own stats, isn’t that great?). Textexpander now offers a 20% discount.
  • Zapier software helps you create a “recipe” to automate repetitive tasks: “If this happens, do that”. You can find many examples on their website at
Never do anything yourself that you can outsource to someone else who is cheaper than you. Certainly, if it is a repetitive task that is easy to explain. This can of course also be applied to your private life, see the following point; upgrade your life.

Upgrade your life

How we can you make your life even better? One of the presentations at the conference invited us to think about this. Do you not like cleaning, cooking or admin (typing in receipts!)? Hire someone who can do that for you. Don’t feel guilty about it: there are people who enjoy doing it and who will really appreciate the money that you pay for it.
Is there anything that you don’t like about the (Airbnb) apartment that you rent (for a longer period of time)? Upgrade your apartment! Buy that cutting board, that carpet or a painting: just what makes you happy and makes you feel at home. Those few details are worth it!
‘Random generosity’: look at how people react (and how that makes you feel…) when you unexpectedly give a big tip. And how about inviting your friends for that lunch, dinner or drink, instead of sharing the bill? Small effort, great pleasure!

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? - Inspiration Shot
Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? - Inspiration Shot

Don’t compromise on things that are important to you, like sleep, for example. The luxury Conrad hotel where I stayed for the conference in Bangkok, even had a pillow menu, so you can choose the pillow that suits you…

From idea to book in 6 months
Writers Mastermind

Shine your light

I have organized more than 20 super special and successful writing retreats and help people write their book with my ‘Reverse Writing method‘ (start at the end; the back cover). In addition, since the beginning of this year, I have been leading an ‘Elite Mastermind group’, helping a select group of people to advance with their theme of ‘freedom’. I was just thinking about a theme for 2020 when the penny dropped: why don’t I make it a ‘Writers Mastermind’? This way all the pieces of the puzzle came together with this mastermind: ‘From idea to book in 6 months‘.

Have you been thinking about writing your book, but do you miss the support and accountability? Then this might be something for you. Check out if you are a good fit.

Learn something new?

If you are interested in how I set up my ‘funnel’, download the free PDF ’10 ideas for a successful non-fiction book’.

This is of course also useful if you want to get lots of free tips for writing your book … 🙂

Tips and feedback about both the content and the process are very welcome!

Anger management

Perhaps a bit more of a private topic, but certainly also relevant: in the context of ‘everything is already there’ I have also learned that ‘everything should be allowed to be there’.
One of the coaches with whom I have been working since my relationship crisis in April has taught me that anger is a normal emotion that should be allowed. I never learned to deal with this emotion and now I get a ‘crash course’, it seems … Juna Mustad taught me this important lesson “Anger is like a little child: you shouldn’t let it drive your car, but you shouldn’t put it in the trunk. Put it in the back seat. Speak ABOUT your anger, not FROM your anger.”
View Juna’s TEDx talk ‘anger is your ally’

Where is Esther?

The month in Thailand has flown by. I am going to miss the food, the people and the elephants in the sanctuary. Fortunately I will see them again next year.

I decided it was time to learn something completely new, so I will be taking a surfing course! But also recalling old memories brings a lot of insights. On the way to the ‘Soul & Surf’ retreat in Sri Lanka, I am therefore making a special stopover … I am visiting the islands in Malaysia where I participated in the Survivor Reality TV series 15 years ago. This time, however, I will do so in comfort and with enough food at hand. In the next inspiration shot I will share more details. If you follow me on social media, you’ll probably see a few things before that time …

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? - Inspiration Shot
Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? - Inspiration Shot

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