How to write a book in a week

A 7-step guide to writing and self-publishing for entrepreneurs and non-writers

Who to write a book in a week

Congrats for wanting to get started with your book!

I once wrote this book in one day … ‘How to write a book in a week’ has helped thousands of writers with their writing process. It is now updated with a new name and look, called ‘Reverse Writing’.

Over the years I have collected so many more tips and examples that it was time for a makeover. I have completely rewritten, updated and supplemented the original content: it has now become an even better and more complete book, with a new title: ‘Reverse Writing; The proven method to get from back cover to bestseller’ …

Jan van Kuijk - Write your book
“This approach works like magic! After writing the back cover, to my surprise, the table of contents just followed naturally.”

Jan van Kuijk

Nina-Beem -From Idea to Book

Uncomplicated, practical, applicable. Clear and complete message. Esther’s tips are worth gold.

Nina Beem

“With Esther’s tips I wrote my book in 14 days.”

Ruth Sinkeler

Huub-Van-Zwieten - Write your book in 1 week on Mallorca
“Esther inspired me to launch my new book immediately. I’ve sold 20 copies already!”

Huub van Zwieten

Andrew-D- Reverse Writing
“If only I had seen the list of 10 book ideas before I wrote my book.”

Andrew D.

Anne-Lies-Bloei -Books published with Esther’s writing method
“I announced my book online and sold 100 books in 1 day!”

Anne-Lies Bloei

Reverse Writing
“Finally! A book that describes the process from writing to publishing step by step.”


“Very valuable; this method saves me a lot of time and money, which makes for a much better book.”

Hans Gierkink, coach/trainer at Singlecoaching

Chris - How to Write a Book in a Week
“I just published my book. What I haven’t been able to achieve in the past three years I did in just 7 days!”

Chris – Owner of a software company