How to write a book in 1 week

A 7-step guide to writing and self-publishing for entrepreneurs and non-writers

Is this the year you are (finally) going to share your message with the world? Care to join over 400 non-writers who managed to get their books written & published in no time using my Reverse writing method? Among them CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches and countless other professionals.

Writing a book about a topic or idea you’re passionate about is way easier than you think it is. Forget what you think writing a book should be about. You don’t even have to write it yourself!

Freshly updated for 2019 with additional content!

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"This approach works like magic! After writing the back cover, to my surprise, the table of contents just followed naturally." Jan van Kuijk
"Uncomplicated, practical, applicable. Clear and complete message. Esther's tips are worth gold." Nina Beem
"With Esther's tips I wrote my book in 14 days.” Ruth Sinkeler
"Esther inspired me to launch my new book immediately. I've sold 20 copies already!" Huub van Zwieten
"If only I had seen the list of 10 book ideas before I wrote my book." Andrew D.
"I announced my book online and sold 100 books in 1 day!" Anne-Lies Bloei
"Finally! A book that describes the process from writing to publishing step by step."
"Very valuable; this method saves me a lot of time and money, which makes for a much better book." Hans Gierkink, coach/trainer at Singlecoaching
“I just published my book. What I haven’t been able to achieve in the past three years I did in just 7 days!” Chris - Owner of a software company

Never thought about writing a book? Maybe you should consider it! Publishing a book will give you expert status, helps to share your message and increases sales of your other products and services. It may even kick-start or boost your public speaking career.

Writing, publishing and promoting a book has never been easier. You could do it in a week, or take more time if you like.

This 7-step guide will teach you:

  • The best kept secret to a quick start of writing, promotion and sale: start with the back cover.
  • Smart writing process hacks.
  • 10 surprisingly easy formats for a successful book.
  • How to start promoting – and even selling!- your book before writing it.
  • Alternatives to writing the book yourself.
  • (Self)publishing on Amazon and other platforms.
  • The keys to launching a successful book, superfast.

“Practical guide to plan, write, edit, publish and market your book this week. I am currently writing a book on business intuition and it has taken me well more than a week! If I had had this detailed how-to guide available I can immediately see how I could have cut my time way down. And avoided some mistakes I nearly made along the way. It covers not just the planning, outlining and writing process but also the importance of marketing if you want your book to be a best seller. There are practical tips on how to pick your title for better sales and how to get an amazing cover designed. Writing the back cover material first seemed weird and I realized it is a stroke of genius. Both to focus me and to help enroll others before my launch. It is focused on self-publishing, especially via Amazon Kindle and Createspace. Perfect for what I am doing. I met the authors at a conference and saw them first hand creating their own book in less than a week. Inspiring!”
Michaela Light

“Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)! I wish I had read this book before spending 3+ months planning, writing, and marketing my own book!
It’s a similar concept to “The 7-Day Startup”, a book that I really love and recommend to anyone who might be over-thinking their business idea. Just like starting a business, writing a book is something many people say that they want to do. But few of us actually commit to the process and get it done – probably because the process and steps seem overwhelming. Sure, you could work with a publisher and spend YEARS writing and launching a book. But why? The model has changed. Now we don’t need permission from anyone to write a book, and this great resource prescribes how to get it done fast. There’s no better way to stop procrastinating and making excuses than by having a playbook of what to do and when. Carpe Diem!!”
Kiri Masters

“Catchy title, and it delivers! This book is one of the few quality books, that has something for everyone who is interested in publishing books or has already been self-publishing books. You can clearly hear experience talking and the genuine intention to help readers navigate their way through the jungle of self-publishing. It is well written and edited, which is not an easy feat for a book that has been written and published in a week. Whether you would like to accomplish your writing mission in one week or not, this book surely shows you the way to achieve your dream of publishing your first book.”

“Everything you need to know in an afternoon reading session! This is a simple book and no (yet) a best seller. So my expectations were small. Reading it, these things quickly convinced my of the contents:

– the 10 ideas for a book theme. I did not know these before. When I wrote my book, I should have rather taken some of these and not come up with my own idea.
– results-driven. Without this, no book will look good. This is emphasized a lot in this book.
– promotion. Super important otherwise nobody will read it.

Another really good point is that this book is short. It cuts all unnecessary things, but at the same time gives a great outline of what needs to be done.

My book took me 3 months. I should have seen this one earlier… 5 stars for totally overdelivering on my expectations!”

“A must have for those not looking to lock themselves to a desk for 2 years. Like many of the people looking at this page, I have considered writing a book since early in my life. I always associated this with having to take time off from the ‘real world’ which led to procrastination. I run a business and taking the time to do something like this (even to the potential benefit of the business) simply wasn’t in the cards for me. What if the time requirement we were all taught was false? Through real world case studies, Esther and Marie illustrate how one can write a bestselling book in under a week. The book itself was written FAR under this time limit (one day!). In addition to showing that it can be done, they provide step by step instructions for how to do this that are incredibly actionable. With the blueprint laid out in the book, the only ingredient that you’re missing is your own creativity and elbow grease. This is worker smarter, not harder. I feel empowered by these strategies and will be looking to publish my own book in the next few months. If you need to get off your butt and do the same, buy this book today!”
Jan Roos

“Simple but easy to implement so no bulls***. As a sales coach for entrepreneurs I’m already an expert in my field but the only thing that was still on my wishlist was writing a book. I was procrastinating this because of the limited time I have. What makes this book unique is that it is written in a clear language, simple but easy to implement so no bulls***. I now finally found a way to write and publish my book without my other projects getting delayed. So no excuses left, I’m just gonne do it!”

“This book is extremely useful for busy people who wish to grasp the essentials …”

“This book is extremely useful for busy people who wish to grasp the essentials of the book writing process. I know Esther and her work for quite some time now. Everything she produces is of the highest quality. Recommended!”

“Inspiring ideas. This book is an easy read, whereby the writers will not shy away from letting you know that they have written it in a day. But that is a good thing, as it actually proofs that their methodology works! I just read the book in a little over an hour. Now inspired with new ideas I know I will pick it up again as a reference when writing my next book”
Peter Simoons

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write a book in a weekEsther Jacobs (The Netherlands, 1970) is an international (TEDx) speaker and author. Esther has given over 1000 keynotes and published and contributed to over 25 books. Her workshops have helped over 400 entrepreneurs to write theirs. The NO EXCUSES LADY helps leaders and entrepreneurs to transform their challenges into opportunities.

Marie Stern (Germany, 1982) is an Amazon self-publishing ninja. She authored 7 bestselling Amazon books, even though she wasn’t even good at writing in school. However, she spent many hours browsing and reading in bookstores, discovering the secret behind successful books.

As a former data mining analyst, Marie knows the importance of research and finding structure in any process. Marie has shared her in-depth knowledge to help many non-writers to write and self publish their books.

Are you serious about writing your book? I am the author and co-author of more than 25 books and I have helped more than 400 CEO’s and entrepreneurs to write and publish their books. Writing and (self)publishing your book is easier than you think, with my 7 step ‘Reverse Writing’ method. Here are some options to get you on track with your writing and publishing:

Online workshops – Get inspired by the theme of the week, receive practical tips and get your questions answered. Check out all of the the themes and dates of the “From idea to book” workshops.

Reverse Writing? – Avoid the mistake most writers make: start at the end of your book, not at the beginning. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it really works. Find out more about ‘Reverse Writing’.

Free resources – Find inspiration and tips in my blogs. Sign up for my ‘interested in writing’ list to receive “10 ideas for a successful non-fiction book” as well as more tips and inspiration.

Read the book – Learn the 7 step approach, with lots of tips and examples, in my (recently updated) guide ‘Write your book in 1 week’

eCourse – Learn the 7 step approach in my eCourse ‘How to write a book in 1 week’. It builds on the concepts in the book and is presented in with lots of examples and exercises on writing, promotion and self-publishing of your book on Amazon.

Writing retreats – Spend one week in an exotic environment with other writers. Attend a different workshop every day to help you progress with your book. Get personal guidance and feedback. Join one of my writing retreats this year in  Curaçao, Mallorca and Thailand.

1 on 1 support– Maybe you’d prefer a 1 on 1 RESULTant session or even private writing coaching to have my undivided attention and full support in writing your book?

FROM IDEA TO BOOK IN 6 MONTHS – If you are really serious about writing and publishing your book, I can recommend my Writers Mastermind: I will personally help you with every step, so your book can be ready 6 months from now!

Results – My method really works: check out the books my clients have already published. Check out their lessons learned and their testimonials on YouTube.

5 tips  – Check out my 5 most important tips for writing your book in this video: