Inspired by…

I made a list of authors who influence and inspire me in my writing.

An interesting exercise, because it made me realize what kind of person/writer I want to be. Who inspires you? These are my ‘heroes’:

  •  Neil Strauss (The Game, Emergency, The Truth): Surprises every time with a new, unconventional topic, seemingly unrelated to the previous one (How to pick up women, plan B for when the world ends, how to stay in a loving relationship), but they are all connected. He is diving deeper and deeper in his own psyche, humanity and our society and presents his brilliant analysis very honestly, solidly, vulnerable and with a lot of humor.
  • Malcolm Gladwell (The tipping point, Blink, Outliers): This writer for The New Yorker takes you on a journey of discovery of things we usually take for granted in our society. And just when you think you understand, he turns everything around and reveals what he has learned by studying the phenomenon in debt. Masterful storytelling combined with solid research.
  • Oliver Sacks (The man who mistook his wife for a hat, Island of the color blind): neurologist/anthropologist who can explain the most complicated concepts and make dry scientific facts about our psyche interesting with masterful storytelling.
  • Timothy Ferris (The four-hour workweek, The four-hour body): keeps reinventing himself. Submerges himself in different ‘worlds’ and then writes a groundbreaking book about it. From tango to sex to food to location independence.

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