Book inspiration – inspiration shot Feb 2018

I’ll never forget…

…the day I held the first print of my first book in my hand. I felt proud of the achievement, excitement that others would soon have access to my story, and the satisfaction of a huge project completed. Can you imagine holding a book that you have written?

Even after publishing 24 books (and counting) it is still a magical moment for me.

I have perfected the creative process from idea to book, and I am currently using it to manifest book number 25, How to light your fire without a burnout. I haven’t written a word yet, but I know it will happen; I have learned to trust the process. In this inspiration shot you will find useful tips for your book and other big projects. With what I know, and after helping 400 entrepreneurs to write and publish their own books, I want to share my most important insights and shortcuts with you.

Book humor

Advantages of a paper book explained in tech-language.

Pre-tech helpdesk

A funny video about the first book. Recognize that resistance to change is not only linked to technology? 🙂

Humor decomposed

Some good tips on how to make your writing (and life) funnier.

Writing & other big projects

10 ideas for a successful book

Some of the best book ideas are very simple. Starting with a one of these ten proven formats will make the writing process much less overwhelming.

Start at the end

My biggest learning is: start with the back cover. This is your marketing material, your promise to the reader, tone of voice and it provides the structure of your book. It also what you send to a publisher and what a potential buyer reads in a book shop or online.


You don’t even have to write your book, thesis or business plan yourself. The same goes for your website, landing page, book cover design and other projects. Just set up a good structure and briefing, then hire a ghost writer, editor, designer or programmer on a worldwide freelance platform: The most professional, I have found some great people here. From $5: lots of fun, but also serious ‘gigs’.  Specifically for design.

Social media

buy my book

If sharing your message is important to you, use social media effectivly. Don’t say ‘buy my book’,  always provide added value to build a loyal audience. Why not join the 2000 people who are already participating in my free challenge ‘7 days to more impact and influence on social media’?

Useful apps

Scrivener for Mac or windows: I am a big fan of this software that is perfect for structuring big projects.
Dragon dictation: Can’t type when you are on the move? Use a dictation app or the memo recorder on your phone! Get a very accurate transcription of your video or audio for only $1 per minute.

May I help you?

Me? Writing a book?

You might wonder if writing a book is for you. Do you have an idea or experience you’d like to share with the world? Are you are knowledgeable about your topic? Do people always come to you with challenges or questions? If you can solve a problem or answer a question that many people have, that is more than enough motivation and content to write a book.


Dedication is more important than writing skills. Many great books don’t get published because they were never finished. If you finish your manuscript you can always hire people to make it better, but you have to do the ground work. These three practical tips help:

1) Set time apart in your schedule. Make your book a priority.
2) No distractions!
3) Buddy up or pay someone to guide you and for accountability.


Imagine working together with a select group of other writers, complete focus, receive personal support and get the maximum amount of work done in 7-10 days? Join one of my retreats on Curaçao, Mallorca or in Thailand. No distractions, focus, like-minded people, good food, great location, personal support.

Write your book in one week

Together with a bestselling Amazon author, I wrote this book in only one day, following our own system. Cover design: Translation into Dutch within 1 week: via a Facebook post. You can do it, too!

1-on-1 support?

Via RESULTant sessions I offer support (via Skype or live when we’re in the same location). Private coaching from idea to the publication of your book is also an option. Let me know how I can help!

Write your book in a week eCourse

Together with a bestselling Amazon author friend I created this 4,5 hour ecourse that guides you step-by-step in your writing process, book cover design, promotion and self-publishing on Amazon. You can do it in a week, or take as much time as you need.

How to light your fire without a burnout... Energy management for people with a passion

Where is Esther?

I am writing this from cccold Rome, where I am staying in the country house of a friend. From March 1-15 I’ll be in Amsterdam for presentations and RESULTant sessions. Then I’ll visit my father in Miami for his 70th (!) birthday. From April 1st I’ll be in Europe for various (writing) retreats and workshops. See you at one of these events?

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