Inspiration Shot September 2022

Everyone enjoys watching those reality TV shows where a couple with a romantic idea emigrates to a far-off country to fix up a ruin. They often have no idea what they are getting into and sometimes don’t even speak the language. And here I am, car fully loaded, on my way to Puglia, Italy… Planning to live there for the next 9 months, perhaps longer, and to supervise three construction projects. Fortunately, I already speak some Italian, but there will be plenty of challenges.
However, my main question at the moment is more personal: am I traveling towards something, or do I want to get away from something? On one hand, I want to get away from the messy breakup in Amsterdam (unfortunately the conscious uncoupling did not turn out to be so conscious after all…) and recover on my land in Italy. But on the other hand, I also want to be THERE, surrounded by my olive trees, enjoying them as long as I can and trying to save them with all my energy and creativity. I want to build a new base, connect with the earth, and just BE. I want to create a place where others can also ‘land’. Will you join me on this journey?

Tiny Trullo update

More than ever I felt like I wanted a place for myself. Not to stay permanently, but a place where I feel at home and where I can always come back. I thought I had found that in Puglia. A beautiful plot of land with old olive trees that touch my soul. Now it seems like all trees will die.
Am I going to avoid that pain, like I’ve done all my life? NO! I’m going full in. I want to be there. To engage. To feel. Will it be easy? No. Am I going to learn something from it? Definitely.
And – unlike the people in the reality TV show- I know that I can always go back to one of the other places where I feel at home, or find a new place. But I choose this now. All by myself.
Also from a practical point of view, it is a real adventure. Read all the news about Puglia, the trees, and my building projects in my recent Tiny Trullo update.

Would you like to spend some time with me?

You can! You could join my writing retreat in the French Alps from 9-16th Oct, where we work on our books or other writing project for a week, in a super small group (max. 5 people), while being pampered by our private chef.
Another option is the Puglia inspiration trip from 27-31st Oct, where I will show you my favorite secret places in ‘my’ Puglia and help you with your business idea, real estate investment or other project.
You can also book a private writing retreat, either from home or with me in Puglia. Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll arrange something.

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Inspiration bites

Five people you meet in Heaven

“Lost love is still love…”
Some things you only understand afterward. This beautiful book explains the meaning of life in a beautiful way.

The Choice; embrace the possible

Edith Eger survived concentration camps. She helps people to live in the now & to choose freedom by letting go.

Salt on my skin

This is still one of my favorite love stories, about an ‘impossible’ love between an intellectual Parisienne and a Breton fisherman. Their love is greater than they realize & stands the test of time

Danae Bodewes

Danae Bodewes wrote her book on Curiosity Schaamteloos nieuwsgierig – Voor meer bevlogenheid en zelfleiderschap during a ‘writing retreat@home‘. It is released this week!

Did you know...?

… that I have struggled with the concept of ‘home’ since I was 17? I left my childhood home during an argument between my parents, who were divorcing, and have never returned. Below you can see the ‘happy family’ photo…
Since then I’ve been proving to myself that I don’t need a home. The times I did connect emotionally to a place, I always had to leave (a relationship ended, the place needed to be renovated, a mother-in-law didn’t like me, a house was sold, a municipality deregistered me, etc.).
I lived in over 40 different places in 35 years. As soon as I found a place and settled down, I wanted to travel again. After a while on the road, I needed a base again; but after a month or two, the travel ‘itch’ started again…
I am very curious if this will be different on my Tiny Trullo land.

Where is Esther?

This week I’m flying to Puglia with two suitcases. The rest of my belongings are being driven to Italy in a small car that friends allow me to use. Unfortunately I’m only there for three days (to start up the construction projects) and then I fly to Miami, with a stopover in Lisbon (where I’m going to visit Niek, my art teacher from high school, and some friends). I’ll spend a week with my dad and sister, in one of the places in the world where I feel at home, but where I wouldn’t want to live.
And then, around September 19th, I will finally arrive in Puglia for a longer period of time. Will my tiny house be ready in time to live there??? Or will I be ‘camping’ in my trullo?
At the beginning of October I will make 1 more trip, to my writing retreat in the French Alps. The next event at the end of October, the Puglia inspiration trip, will be with me in Puglia. Home. Finally. Will it feel like that???

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