Inspiration Shot October 2019

“A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails”

Friendship - Inspiration Shot October 2019

Some say that friendship is like a train journey: people get on, people get off. A few stay until the end. This month there were a few events enabling me to catch up with people I have known for 30 years: a Nyenrode homecoming for my year (1989) and the anniversary holiday of my ‘year club’ of that same university, in Italy (the photo above). It is very special to spend quality time with people you know so well – and who know you so well. Sometimes they notice – or know – things that you don’t notice yourself – or would rather forget. You know that their feedback is given out of love, which makes it easier to accept. Conversely, you can hold a mirror up to them, because you know them so well, too. We all know these kinds of friendships, however, I also include some unusual friendships in this inspiration shot, to warm your heart and put a smile on your face …


Friendship - Inspiration Shot October 2019

Normally I don’t like reunions or homecomings. It seems that everyone is talking about “what are you up to?”, work and career. To my surprise, it was different this time. About half of the 130 students from 1989 returned to Nyenrode for the reunion. It was endearing to see the same faces (a bit older, but you recognize the teenager from back then in their eyes …) to see the same dynamics, to hear the same jokes. To my surprise, all the conversations I had were ‘real’ conversations. We didn’t just talk about work, but focused instead about what life brings us right now. In short, we talked about who we ARE instead of what we DO. Others also noticed this. Should it really take 30 years before we can take down our ‘masks’? Anyway: I’m already looking forward to the next homecoming!

‘Year Club’

Friendship - Inspiration Shot October 2019

Not entirely coincidentally, this year my Year Club also celebrates its 30 year anniversary. Every year we girls go on an extended weekend trip. Two or three of us organize a surprise destination and activities for the rest of the group; as an experienced traveler it is nice for me to be surprised… This year we went to Puglia, Italy with 10 of the 11 ladies. We learned about olive groves and dolmens, met the locals and ate fresh cheese on a farm during a bike ride near Ostuni. We learned how to shop, cook and drink like a local in Lecce. And we talked and ate and talked and ate even more as we discovered the city, the beach, the countryside and many restaurants. And as always, we discovered familiar and new aspects of each other. It is particularly special to spend quality time with ten girlfriends who have known each other for so long and so well. We have fun, support each other, share tips and are there for each other when needed.
Thank you, ladies of ‘Bizar’ (what were we thinking when we chose that name?!?) for this special friendship. The bracelets we received from the organizing committee at the start of this journey are a perfect symbol of what binds us … I look forward to the next 30 years of our friendship!

Falling in love?

Friendship - Inspiration Shot October 2019

I must admit it: I fell in love… with Puglia! The countryside and village life in Southern Italy remind me a lot of the center of Mallorca where I used to live: the olive and almond trees, the red earth, the low walls made of piled stones along the road… I immediately felt at home and am seriously considering to buy a small plot of land in Puglia. Put a portable ‘tiny house’ on it and voila; a new adventure! I will keep you informed about this ‘budding romance’.

Like-minded people

Friendship - Inspiration Shot October 2019

“Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel; energies are contagious…” My first ‘Elite Mastermind group‘ with experienced entrepreneurs has almost achieved its goals. The central theme was ‘freedom’. The next group starts on the first of January. The theme will be ‘energy management’. Do you also want more time, freedom, energy, results, plus a positive impact? Over the six months, join me and a select group of special people. Check out more info and a survey to see if we are a good match.

Unusual friendships

Sometimes friendship is based on similarities. Other times it is differences, even opposites that attract. The strangest, most surprising bonds can be formed. Here are a few wonderful examples:

This lady earned the friendship of a Moray eel:

A Japanese diver has been real friends with a fish for over 30 years…

And what about a giraffe and an ostrich? A dog and a monkey, owl, fox, lion or wild boar? This list of 15 unusual friendships between animals and the beautiful photos and stories will melt your heart


Instagram tips

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Friendship - Inspiration Shot October 2019

Guido sails around the world with his dog and … chicken Monique:

Friendship - Inspiration Shot October 2019

Steve adopts senior dogs and other sick animals (Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, Betty the chicken and Tofu the turkey) and gives them a new life.

Where is Esther?

I will be in Thailand for the next two months. Last week I was helping 6 international entrepreneurs to write their books, during my writing week in this beautiful villa on Koh Phangan. Two of them already sold 500 copies of their book, while it wasn’t even finished yet! Today I fly to Bangkok for the annual conference of successful location independent entrepreneurs, where I’ll give a ‘public speaking’ workshop. And finally a large group of location independent friends will ‘migrate’ from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to process all the inspiration. For me it is lovely to stay in the same time zone for a while, being productive with like-minded people and super tasty food. Drinking a fresh coconut every day, getting a daily massage for just a few euro’s; I think I can get used to this … 🙂


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