Expanding horizons

Inspiration Shot July 2019

Baby Bathwater unconference

Do you go to conferences to get inspiration? Or is your “inspiration button” always activated? Do you get more energy from the speakers at conferences, or from the casual conversations that you have during coffee breaks? Last month I was at an incredibly exclusive “unconference”, Baby Bathwater, and I would like to share my experiences with you. Surround yourself with like-minded people and expand your horizons: the recipe for happiness and success in your life and business.

Like minded people

Expanding horizons - Inspiration Shot July 2019
Expanding horizons - Inspiration Shot July 2019

Do you ever feel completely alone in your life or on your projects? That everyone around you has a more conventional life or doesn’t understand what you are doing? Do you make a difficult decision, only to have people around you try to change your mind because THEY feel uncomfortable with what you are doing, such as quitting your job and going on a trip? It always helps to surround yourself with like-minded people, where you don’t always have to explain everything or defend your decisions. Instead, you can exchange experiences and tips. You can find these people in the virtual world, such as on Facebook groups, or in real-world communities.
Three years ago I “discovered” the Dynamite Circle, a group of approximately 1,500 successful location independent entrepreneurs. I finally felt that I was no longer always the “exception”. It is wonderful to be able to exchange information and experiences with people at the same level.
Last year I was a speaker and guest at the FiresideConf unconference. This was also a great experience with like-minded people. I devoted an entire newsletterto it.
(Are you are you planning to go traveling or get out of the system? At my “Digital Nomad” workshop on July 23rd in Amsterdam, you’ll not only get loads of practical tips, but you’ll also meet a group of like-minded people.)

Baby Bathwater

Baby Bathwater unconference

$10,000 gets you 4 days: a private island in Croatia. 200 incredibly sharp and accomplished people, without egos. Unlimited booze. Interesting presentations in nature. 8 bands flown into the island for the evening parties. A Japanese chef with silver toenails. A secret backpack with ‘plant medicine’. Complimentary massages, catamaran and submarine trips. Beautiful friendships. Read all about it in my blog.

Where is Esther?

I’m currently in Miami, where I’m spending ten days with my father, and I finally have time to let the past weeks – and the inspiration of Baby Bathwater island – sink in. Normally there is a lot to be organized here (my father has Alzheimer’s), but this time I decided not to focus on DOING things but to just BE. When I first heard about his diagnosis, I wanted to arrange everything for him: we took a cruise to Indonesia (which was on his bucket list); I arranged everything he wanted to do. With all the planning and arranging, there was hardly any time for just being together. So no trips and no arranging this time; just drinking coffee with my dad, going for walks together, looking at photo albums and letting what unfolds just be. Great conversations, special moments, and enjoying being together. It’s important for him and also a nice break for me after all that traveling (Croatia, Amsterdam, London and Miami in a month) and time to get inspired. Do you take enough time out with the people you love?
As a surprise, I had his signature tattooed on my arm last week, in white ink so it doesn’t stand out too much. The idea is that although his personality is slowly “disappearing” due to the illness, this keeps his energy with me. It seems to have worked out well. I was afraid it would be very emotional to show him the tattoo, but he just started to laugh and said, “Haha, that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard! Who would want MY signature on their arm? !?”
Yet he was intrigued and now he always asks me: “So this doesn’t go away, it won’t disappear?” And every time I answer: “No, this will always stay with me; your energy will stay with me forever!” ❤️❤️❤️

Expanding horizons - Inspiration Shot July 2019
Expanding horizons - Inspiration Shot July 2019

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