Do you really need a fixed place to live?

– Inspiration shot June 2018

Do you really need a fixed place to live?

We are lucky to live in an age where planes and communication technology make the world smaller than ever. Why live in an expensive city, when you can reside on a tropical island? Why have the fixed expenses of a house and all that goes with it, when you can spend the same (or even less!) to travel? Location independence used to be only for ‘homeless hippies’, then it became a privilege for the rich, however these days anybody can live, work & play around the world. Freedom – not money- has become the new status symbol. In this ‘inspiration shot’ you’ll find some interesting developments, practical tips and ‘food for thought’.

Setting up your life & business


E-Residency is a new digital nation for global citizens, powered by the Republic of Estonia. It is possible to get e-residency in Estonia, without ever setting foot in the country. However, a big misconception is that this is about residency. It’s not meant for you as a person, but to set up a company and bank account.

The perfect bank account

What is the best international, digital banking solution? How do you open a bank account when you don’t have a permanent address? Finally I have found the perfect answer: a bank that understands what it is like to live a location independent life and provides 100% digital access: N26. Email me for an invitation.

IKEA health insurance?

If for some reason you cannot get health insurance (for example because you don’t have a fixed place to live), here’s a creative option. How about a cheap, worldwide health insurance at IKEA family in Mallorca?

In order to qualify you have to register as a resident in Mallorca, which is quite easy and has a lot of advantages.

Where to go&when?

The website shows you climate, internet strength, safety, cost of living and much, much more, making it easier to decide on your next destination.

Travel tips

Disconnect to connect

A new trend: summer festivals for (location independent) entrepreneurs in unique locations, like deserted villages, islands or forests:
* Baby Bathwater institute on a private island in Croatia: I just missed it this year, but will definitely join next year.
* FreedomXFest where 1000 digital nomads take over a village in the Spanish Pyrenees- Aug 14-19: I will be speaking here. You get 10% discount with this code: FXF10
* Firesideconf where Innovators, Investors and Influencers gather around the camp fire near a lake in Canada from Sept 6-9: I will be speaking here, you get a special deal through the link!

Designer home exchange

Do you have a beautiful home or apartment and would you like to stay in special places around the world, for free? Then join the home exchange community for desigers: Email me for an invitation.

Packing light

“How can you travel with only one small carry-on bag?” Many people (especially women) think that you can never bring everything you need.
In this blog (including a packing video) l show you exactly what I bring and how I pack.

Virtual closet?

Never pack, do laundry, or drag bags through an airport again. This virtual closet lets you select what you need where and when. Your clothes, sports gear etc. are delivered to your hotel, and picked up and cleaned again when you’re done.  works mainly in the USA, for now…

Esther’s insights

Remote presentations

“Some professions cannot be done remotely” seems to be the general opinion. I always mention my own example: as a speaker I have to be at the location of the event. But do i? Recently I was asked to give a presentation to 100 students and companies from the travel industry on Ibiza, while I was in Mallorca. We decided to do it remotely. A first for all of us.

I found a quiet spot in the garden, turned my phone into a hotspot, connected via Zoom, delivered my presentation and did a live Q&A session for 30 mins! It worked out perfectly. No excuses!

Workout in the Louvre?

Travel can be tiring. It is important to take good care of your body. But I am never in one place long enough to join a gym. And – even though I am the ‘no excuses lady’- I don’t always have the motivation to work out by myself. My solution is Bob. With my ‘virtual’ personal trainer I have the accountability, and he helps me to workout anytime, anywhere. Last week I was in Paris and I chose the most amazing and unusual spot for a training: the courtyard of the Louvre museum… It was fun to sweat where others were merely sightseeing. No excuses!

Travel on intuition

Is it possible? Is it safe? Is it fun? Three big YESses! Some pretty cool stories surfaced when I was interviewed about my solo travel to over a 100 countries for a podcast. Listen to ‘my’ episode of ‘Go Solo Live’.

Where is Esther?

After (too?) much traveling, I am enjoying a few ‘quiet’ weeks in one of my favorite cities in the world: Amsterdam!
I am giving workshops and presentations, seeing friends and enjoying the ‘summer in the city’… while also trying to get through 500 emails in my inbox. Those are my goals this month. How about you?

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