Clear your mind…

Inspiration shot September 2020

Clear your mind... - Inspiration shot September 2020

For the first time in 10 years, I was on a road trip without a laptop. It was kind of a vacation, although I don’t actually ‘do’ holidays. The idea was to recharge in nature, the implementation was some pretty challenging but very rewarding hiking in the French Alps 🙂

It felt really good to focus on activities with my body rather than my mind! However, it wasn’t easy to let go, to disconnect. Do you recognize this challenge?

It wasn’t the best time to go on a trip and leave all my projects behind (is it ever?). I find myself in the busiest time ever with all my new plans and projects.

Below you’ll find an update and some inspiration, ideas, and tips.

Hiking and other tips in the French Alps

If you ever go to Annecy (flying to Geneva), here are a few things that I recommend.

Walking around (and swimming or paddleboarding in) Lake Annecy is worthwhile, as well as a hike to the highest point with a beautiful view over the lake and a walk through the old town.

The cute village of Praz-sur-Arly is a 1.5-hour drive away, with authentic skiing or hiking. At Emonet Sports I always buy my hiking/ski clothing and gear: better quality than elsewhere, cheaper too, and with expert advice. Plus you support the local people and their businesses.

If you really want to go into the mountains, start in Bionassay, a picture-perfect old-fashioned village at the foot of the Montblanc. Les Chalets du Miage is an amazing place for a day hike or overnight stay. Their ‘tarte aux myrtille’ is world-famous. Hiking a further 1200 meters higher up the mountain (pffffff!) you’ll find the unique Refuge du Plan du Glacier. There aren’t any showers, but you can eat super tasty vegetarian food, enjoy your achievement and the view of the glacier, plus chat with the lovely hosts.

A little further on, near Bourg Saint Maurice, Martijn van den Elzen – a friend of Nyenrode – runs a number of catered chalets that I also like to visit, both in summer and winter. Enjoy!

Clear your mind... - Inspiration shot September 2020


If you want to get a lot done quickly, you sometimes have to schedule things very tightly. That can be very efficient, but can also cause some stress. I had to schedule things really carefully before I went away. Hopefully, my multi-tasking may inspire you:

Just before I left for France I finished editing and handed over my new book to the designer. Based on the structure of the book I recorded the accompanying e-course (approx. 50 videos!). Now ‘the only thing left to do’ was put together a workbook. 🙂

As soon as my Dutch book was ready for the designer, I also sent the document to a translator, to make the book available in English. The next step is to record the e-course in English and create the English workbook.

As always, each step takes a bit more time than I thought…

As I am writing this, I just received the proof of the Dutch edition of ‘This is how you write a book!’ After making the final edits, I can finally send out the preorders to the Dutch writers eagerly awaiting the book.

You can still pre-order the English book plus workbook at the ‘early bird price’ for only €20 (normal price €26.90 after publication)!

Oh, and in the meantime, I am also rewriting my website with the content I am creating for the books and e-courses… See all information about Reverse writing in 1 place.
6 tips voor je eigen online lesprogramma

Free checklist ‘This is how you write a book!’

To share my work and to motivate more people to start writing their book, I’ve created a checklist, with all the steps and explanations of my Reverse Writing method, so that you can get started with your book.
Download it for free here.

Clear your mind... - Inspiration shot September 2020

‘Bat’ I can make you smile?

In the context of ‘Reverse Writing’, I came across this video. Someone filmed a bunch of bats upside down and it looks like a Goth nightclub… A perfect – and amusing – example of how a different perspective can change everything.

Would you get a ‘no excuses’ tattoo?

For my 50th birthday, I gave away many presents, one of them a real ‘no excuses’ tattoo. To my surprise, there were several people who were keen to get the tattoo. Jet Parlevliet provided the best motivation for wanting it and was the winner. Together we went to the tattoo shop to design it and have it inked on her arm.

No more excuses for Jet, ever again!

What can you do to not be distracted by excuses?

Did you know...?

…that I book a massage every week? Since I demand a lot from my body – not only while hiking and during my workouts but especially with the work I do behind my laptop – I try to take good care of it. Wherever I am, I have a regular masseuse who takes care of me. These photos are from in Amsterdam, just after the hike; the ‘cupping’ ensures a better circulation in the places where my muscles are tight.

Clear your mind... - Inspiration shot September 2020

Where is Esther?

In my mind, I am still in the mountains, but my body is back in Amsterdam for a few weeks. You’ll find me in trains and in cafe’s editing the final proof of my new Dutch book for the launch mid-September.

At the end of this month, I”m taking a long weekend trip to Mykonos (if Corona allows…) with ten friends from Nyenrode University. We still do this every year; it is so precious to spend quality time with friends you’ve known for over 30 years!

I am also taking the last applications for my writing retreat in Mallorca, which will take place from 17-24 October.

From Mallorca, I will fly on to Italy for my first olive harvest (I imaging a long table with good food and great friends under my century-old trees…) and to coordinate the activities for services on my land (installation of electricity, water and sewage). I’ll also make a stop in Cinque Terre to prepare for my new project: a ‘Walk your business’ hike end of April next year. More about this in my next inspiration shot.

In the meantime, I am trying to figure out where I will spend the winter. South Africa (Cape Town) is favorite, Israel (Tel Aviv) and Italy are plans B and C, depending on the corona developments. No matter where I land up, I will continue to give most of my workshops and even presentations online.

Proeflezers van je boek geven waardevolle feedback als je de juiste vragen stelt.

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