Middle East

Heartbreak in Jordan (2019)


My trip to Jordan turned out completely different than planned when my relationship unexpectedly disintegrated on the first day. I combine this very personal story and life lessons with Jordan travel tips in this blog.

Heartbreak in Jordan (2019)2022-01-21T13:31:44+01:00

Israel 2018


Incredibly good food, interesting people, surprising amounts of electric steps in the streets, trendy 24/7 co-working cafes, great weather, fascinating history and year round great weather. Don’t expect me to leave any time soon… I had visited the country various times [...]

Israel 20182022-06-11T11:40:48+02:00

Doha, Qatar 2015


A unique opportunity: Jacqueline Kruithof invited me to give a presentation to the How Women Work network and a workshop to women professionals of Exxon Mobil. Jacqueline, who knows Doha well, promised to show me around on a private ‘business safari’. She even gave me advice on what [...]

Doha, Qatar 20152022-06-09T15:44:27+02:00
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