Israel 2018

Incredibly good food, interesting people, surprising amounts of electric steps in the streets, trendy 24/7 co-working cafes, great weather, fascinating history and year round great weather. Don’t expect me to leave any time soon…

I had visited the country various times when I was younger: my father wanted to show me our families heritage. We visited a kibbutz, Massada and Eilat. This time I was mainly in Tel Aviv with 9 girlfriends on our yearly ‘surprise’ trip. We stayed in an amazing apartment (with rooftop), near the sea. We swam, cycled along the beach front and to the old port of Jaffa, ate (lots!), talked, SUPped, ate in some more trendy restaurants with cute waiters, visited Jerusalem, cried at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, left our prayer notes at the wailing wall, ate some more and basically had a great time.

Recommended restaurants in Tel Aviv

Hakovshim Bistro: nice neighborhood café. Great (huge!) salads, healthy food, to die for desserts, friendly service and friendly prices.

Kitchen Market: special setting, overlooking the market. Upscale restaurant with amazing food flavors and presentation.

Vicky Christina: tapas place in a lush garden near an old train station turned into cafes and restaurants.

Hazer Goldman: great upscale evening spot, by the sea.

Old man and the sea: popular lunch place in the old port of Jaffa. Unlimited starters/side dishes: be prepared to leave the place absolutely stuffed.

Lala land: beach club with great lunch food on the Tel Aviv beach boulevard.

The streets: good place to work, have a drink (try the beet-latte!), lunch or even work at night: they’re open 24/7!

Yom Kippur

After my friends left, I stayed a but longer by myself. I found some really nice cafes to work. But then I had a ‘problem’, because on Yom Kippur, the holiest of holidays, Israel comes to a complete stand still. No shops or cafes open for 25 hours. No cars in the streets, no transport, not even planes landing at the airport. Everything comes to a stop so people can fast and atone their sins…

A real special experience to be here during the holiday. The streets were taken over by bicycles, pedestrians, strollers, dogs, skateboards and kids… They walk and play in the middle of the streets, even on the highways!

In the morning, the city of Tel Aviv was so silent! We are so used to the sound of traffic that we hardly notice it until it’s not there.
And then today, after sunset, it’s like somebody pushed a button and life (and traffic) is back in the streets. Cafes are overflowing, everybody is celebrating that the fast is over.

I had planned a webinar for 40 people and had trouble to find a place with both aircon and wifi. Luckily my favorite café The streets re-opened just 15 mins before the webinar….

Not everybody agrees with Israels politics, but I think it is a great country to visit, with interesting people, history, culture and AMAZING food.

Our great, knowledgeable and funny guide was Danja Keesing (+972 54-422-1821), highly recommended!

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