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Inspiration Shot October 2023

I cannot express how excited I am about ChatGPT and all the developments related to AI. I’m definitely not a ‘techie’, but since a friend explained to me how it works in 5 minutes a few months ago, every day has been a journey of discovery. I pass on some of that knowledge to everyone I coach or meet and I myself learn from other entrepreneurs. In this inspiration shot I share some of my most important eye-openers. Hopefully, you will also be (even more!) inspired.

Garbage in = garbage out

A good prompt (instruction or question) is important for ChatGPT and other AI tools. Many entrepreneurs have tried something once, were not satisfied with the result and therefore kind of gave up. Shame! Because the power lies in giving feedback. You can actually start a conversation with ChatGPT. And the great thing is, if he learns something once, he will never forget it!

I am writing an article for Schrijven Magazine with specific prompts for writers. I will also post it on my website and social media when it comes out in December.

Use the custom settings

Did you know that ChatGPT4 has an IQ of 155? That’s almost as smart as Einstein. And you can hire him for just €20 per month. Once you have that upgrade, click on the 3 dots at the bottom of the left sidebar next to your name. You can give custom instructions there. For example: “I want you to always answer me in Spanish”. Or: “I want you to always use my own writing style”.

How do you teach ChatGPT your own writing style? Let him read a piece of your own writing, ask him to analyse it, and then tell him that those characteristics are your writing style and that he should use them from now on.

All languages

It amazes me how many people still don’t know that ChatGPT works in all languages. Finally, an AI program that works well in a weird language like Dutch or Papiamentu. This means you can ask ChatGPT for translations. Don’t forget to give another instruction afterwards: “Now write the translated piece in better Dutch (or English, or whatever language), in my own tone of voice”: this step-by-step instruction makes a world of difference!

You can also ask ChatGPT to be your language teacher. For example, I occasionally ask him to provide feedback on WhatsApp and other messages that I write in Italian. He then tells me what I am doing well and what I could do better and, if asked, also explains the grammar.


Another big benefit of the paid version ChatGPT4 (€20 per month) is that you can also use (free) plugins. For example, with ChatWithPDF you can read the PDF of a book in a few minutes and you can ask ChatGPT questions about it (for example to make social media posts of your book!). Or you enter the URL of a YouTube video in Video Captions and can then ask ChatGPT for a summary, transcript or ‘show notes’.

How? First, enable beta features/plugins in custom settings (the three dots next to your name). Then start a new chat, select ‘plugin store’ at the top and install the desired app. A world opens up with all the free plugins: have fun!

Want to know more? Join us on AI Skication!

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you interested in AI, but are you not a ‘techie’? Do you like skiing and like to be inspired? Then join the ‘AI Skication’ from January 6-13th, 2024. I am organising it together with serial entrepreneur Matthias Schmitt. With a small group of international entrepreneurs in an exclusive chalet with sauna, gym and a private chef, in the middle of the slopes. All you have to do is be open to AI inspiration, share your tips, have great conversations, ski and enjoy.

Workshop alert

Originally, the Digital Delegation workshop was mainly about hiring a Virtual assistant. This time I will also discuss how ChatGPT can make your life and work a lot easier and even more fun.

In this live, online workshop you will learn everything that can help you work smarter, more efficiently, and to outsource or automate tasks, so that you will have more time for what is really important to you.

Wednesday, October 18th

from 12-1.30 PM (CET)

You will also receive all templates, job ads and other materials to help you get started right away!

Inspiration bites

Coachvox: clone yourself?

I discovered ‘Coachvox’ through a friend from the Dynamite Circle. They are building an application on top of ChatGPT where you can train an AI version of yourself to answer questions and help people.
I am now uploading all my books, videos and interviews to train ‘Esther AI’ – more about that later.
Perhaps this is also interesting for you?

Free thinking AI

Meet Amica, an AI-powered robot that can talk, listen and even simulate emotions.

In this video, she is interviewed about the rapidly evolving intelligence of AI, its possible implications and ethical considerations.

Naomi Stubbe

I always say: if you write a book, even if you’ve just started, tell everyone about it. Naomi told an acquaintance who had written an informative children’s book. She said: “I’m going to my publisher tomorrow; should I tell him about you and your book?”

That is how, 4 months after her writing retreat with me in Mallorca, Naomi’s book about therapeutic psychedelics is now officially on the publishers’ website!

Digital delegation book

Together with Noel Andrews from, I wrote this practical guide with all the information you need to efficiently outsource tasks and hire a Virtual Assistant.

I found my assistant Jelena through Jobrack. You will receive my job ad, test assignments and other templates when you purchase the book.

Are you ready for a Virtual Assistant?

Did you know...?

That I have been working with Jelena for three years now? I hired her as a Virtual Assistant through, a mediation site for Eastern European professionals. We met for the first time last year. In May, Jelena accompanied me to my writing retreat in Mallorca, where we got to know each other and my business even better. She provides enormous added value for me and my customers. That is why she is no longer my assistant, but my Online Business Manager.

I also just bought her a ticket to join me on the writing retreat in Thailand from November 19-26th.

Where is Esther?

This week I should have been on holiday in Girona, Spain with ten girls from my University. So special that we have known each other for almost 35 years and we still go on a trip each year! Unfortunately, the day before our flight I got a bad flu, which turned out to be Corona. I probably contracted it at the fantastic Nyenrode ‘Disputengala’ last weekend. So now I’m lying in bed, while my friends are doing fun things together… ;(

In recent weeks I have travelled (too much) back and forth between Puglia and Amsterdam. The highlight was when my brother and artist Michael (Angelo) visited me in Puglia. So nice to show and experience my paradise with him.

Next week I’m going to Puglia to plant 60 extra (fruit and Xylella resistant olive) trees to protect my land. Do you want to spend the winter here and/or experience the olive harvest? Read more in the Tiny Trullo newsflash.

And then it’s time for two months in Thailand; the Dynamite Circle conference and writing retreat on Koh Phangan island from Nov 19-26th. There is just one spot left in the writers’ villa!

Interesting fact: because I normally do my live online workshops on Wednesday evenings, I would have to stay up at night in Thailand due to the time difference. That is why all workshops from Oct 12th – Dec 5th have been moved to lunchtime. Let’s see if people who normally wouldn’t be able to join us on Wednesday evening can join in now.

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