Inspiration shot Winter 2012

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So, you have a Twitter account, but are not sure what to post. Why don’t you answer the 5 most frequently asked questions? Any IT person, lawyer, or police man knows things that others would love to hear about. Summarize in 140 characters and you’re in business…

Do you know your theme/slogan/topic, but do you need inspiration to write about it? Search Google for quotes, cartoons, pictures, YouTube videos and lyrics about your key words.

Save time with clever software


I already saved 16 hours of typing by using TextExpander. Any text that you use frequently; such as directions, addresses, FAQ’s, signatures, websites etc can be made into shortcuts that work in any program; email, internet, word documents etc.


Are all those different passwords driving you crazy? 1password stores them for you and automatically retrieves them when you need them. Smart and safe.

Who doesn’t crave an empty inbox? Tip: create the following folders: archive, action, to read, wait for, someday when I have time… etc. and move messages to the appropriate folder as they come in. Note that folders are action-, not client based. The smart search function in your email and computer will help you locate anything else.

Personal news


I have been giving workshops in 4 different countries lately. ‘Realize your dream’ in New York, write your book in a week in Austria and in Curaçao, Boost your Business Weekend in Austria, free publicity, public speaking and book writing workshops in the Netherlands and in Curaçao. For 2013 a new one is planned: build your own app in a week in Curaçao!

I spend most time in Amsterdam and Curaçao. I love the contradiction between the fast city life and the relaxed Caribbean lifestyle. I feel like I have the ‘the best of both worlds’ and am very proud that I still seem to be inspiring others to live THEIR dream…

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