Inspiration shot June 2024

During the recent Workation in Italy, it became painfully clear again: many entrepreneurs do not dare to step into the spotlight; whether they have 50 years of experience, have written a book, hold impressive titles and positions, or have an important message to help others…

‘Who am I?’, ‘What will others think?’ and ‘Actually what I do is very normal’ are common phrases. Some overthink it or make it too big, while the magic is in the little things. I have been sharing everything I have experienced for almost 25 years, and I still continue to learn. In this Inspiration Shot I’ll share some ideas and tips about visibility.

There is a story in everything

Storytelling is everywhere: in lectures, books, blogs and on social media. It’s all about keeping it small and staying close to yourself. Everything that presents itself in your daily life wants to be seen. Create a bridge to your reader and use tools like ChatGPT to strengthen your story.

I recently updated the ‘Who’s that girl?’ page on my website. Since I don’t have to ‘sell’ anything anymore, I realized that I want to share my story, my legacy.

Take a moment to reflect on your story and apply it to your website, LinkedIn or social media profiles. The world needs more storytelling and less sales talk. Who are you really? I’d love to hear from you!

What’s your story? I’ll help you for free!

I am good at turning a bunch of vague information into a concrete idea. Because not everyone can afford a 1-on-1 RESULTant session with me, I have put all my knowledge about writing a book into a special Esther ChatGPT. Now I can help you with your book, for free!

Tell Esther AI about your vague book idea and she will write a back cover for it within seconds. This way your idea really comes to life. She can also suggest SEO-friendly titles and create a table of contents for your book. Try it out and give me your feedback so I can make Esther AI even better.


A huge thank you to the 300 or so people who have already bought a ticket for my big ‘No Excuses’ farewell theatre show (in Dutch), next year on June 28, on my 55th birthday.

When I came up with the idea, I had no idea what the show would be about, but in the meantime, it is taking shape and ideas are falling into place. In this (Dutch) video I tell you more about the theatre show and what’s in it for you, with my Trullo in Puglia in the background.

Will you come and see my (Dutch) show? I still have a few tickets available with a special deal!

Workshop alert

Working on something you care about deeply, but worried about emotional and physical exhaustion?

Don’t put ‘being’ on your ‘to-do list’!

If you are passionate about something, you know that you want to dedicate a significant part of your life to that work. To achieve this long-term goal, you need a balance between ‘doing’ and ‘being’.

Never again use up all your energy, only recharge when the ‘reserve light’ comes on, and then run out of energy again.

This live online workshop gives you practical tips and insights so that you can continue working on what is important to you.

Inspiration bites


An animal shelter came up with this brilliant idea to help their dogs. They created this ‘win-win-’ proposal that made people feel like they got a service from the shelter and were willing to pay for it.

How could this inspire your organization?


I was surprised to learn that the word ‘cookie’ stems from Dutch 😂

Did you know...?

…that I want to speak more on international stages again? While I was still updating my speaker page, two requests came in right away. I spoke at Nyenrode University in The Netherlands on May 30 and the very next day at the LOGIN conference in Lithuania (with more than 7000 visitors!). It was great to be on stage again!

It just goes to show: “Where you focus your energy, will come to fruition.” (especially talking about visibility…)

This inspired me to write a blog with my most memorable speaker experiences, bloopers and tips.

Where is Esther?

Good news: I survived my busiest month! It was really exhausting… with 12 participants in the Workation (see video impression of the month in my Italian village), fostering two stray dogs (they were adopted, yay! And thanks for all the donations), building the swimming pool at my @tinytrullo (see video of my first pool party), starting another real estate project, plus lots of people came visiting.

Instead of resting, it was time for a whirlwind of travelling again. One day in the Netherlands to give a lecture and workshop at Nyenrode University. So nice to be back in this special place and see lots of friends. Then to Vilnius,  Lithuania, for a presentation at the LOGIN conference. On my first ‘day off’ in 5 weeks, I explored the city, where I had been many years ago with my father, back when we visited a ‘crazy country’ every year. Great memories! Vilnius has a beautiful old city centre but has become very modern, with nice cafes in the beautiful streets. This reel gives an impression.

I was especially impressed by the self-proclaimed ‘republic’ Usupis, which even made a constitution with beautiful rules, such as ‘everyone has the right to be unique’ and ‘everyone has the right to make mistakes’.

The last two weeks I spent on my beloved Mallorca where the (very last?) writing retreat has just finished. It has always been my most popular retreat and it still feels like home. I know all the restaurants and their owners know me. I know the tastiest local ‘treats’ (ensaimada with whipped cream!) and this time the ‘feeder’ in me also introduced my 7 international participants to all the local delicacies… 🙂 The retreat was such a success that I might organize it one more time next year in June…

Jelena, my assistant, joined me in Italy and Mallorca, which was nice AND a great help. She now also designs the most beautiful book covers for the participants and my coaching clients. This weekend I am visiting friends in Barcelona, next week I’ll be in Devon (UK) and then 1 day in Italy for the sale of the beautiful Townhouse, which will break the last tie with my ex. And then on the evening of June 28th, I’ll be back in Amsterdam just in time to celebrate my birthday (which is also my mother’s birthday!), together with my sister Danielle and her family who are visiting from Miami.

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