Turn it around – Inspiration shot April 2018

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Many ‘difficult’ challenges can be resolved by looking at them differently.

  • Writing a book? Start with the back cover!
  • Giving a presentation? Writing your website or newsletter? Thinking of social media posts? Don’t think like a marketer (I want to sell something), but like a publisher (What problems are people facing and how can I help them solve that?). It’s not about you!!
  • Want to become a ‘digital nomad’, earning a living while traveling the world? Then start at home, by digitizing all your documents, minimizing to the max and starting a business to earn your money location independently. Even if you decide not to travel, you will have more freedom and fun.
  • In your private life it is also best to think of opportunities instead of problems. Sometimes you cannot change external factors (your boss, the economy, politics, your partner). Trying to change things that you don’t control leads to disappointments and frustrations. It is better to accept the circumstances as they are, to work with what you have, and to focus on factors that you CAN influence. That way you take control of your life. You can move forward again, instead of standing still or looking back to the past. And that gives a kick. No more waiting until the right time, until you have enough money or experience, until someone else takes the lead. Get started now, with what you already have. And share that with the world. That is the way to create energy for yourself and others.

In this newsletter I have collected some inspiring examples of great and surprising ‘turn arounds’.

Inspiring Examples

Ugly Models

Do models have to be beautiful? Not according to the ugly modeling agency… 🙂

Reversed Poem

Are the Millennials really a lost generation? This poem is a brilliant way to show two completely contradicting perspectives.

No Words

Emily McDowell, a cancer survivor, noticed how her friends and family struggled with communication when she was sick. So she designed the cards she wishes she’d received from them.

Turn it around - Inspiration shot April 2018

Can you turn it around?

Turn your weakness into a strength

Are your colleagues or friends giving you abuse about one of your personality traits? Don’t change! Each trait can be seen as negative or positive. Simply look for an environment where this specific skill or characteristic is appreciated

Weakness – Strength
Unorganized – Creative
Inflexible – Organised
Stubborn – Dedicated
Inconsistent – Flexible
Obnoxious – Enthusiastic
Emotionless – Calm
Shy – Reflective
Irresponsible – Adventurous
Boring – Responsible
Unrealistic – Optimistic
Negative – Realistic
Intimidating – Assertive
Weak – Humble
Arrogant – Self Confident
Indecisive – Patient
Impatient – Motivated


This story shows that even the most impossible situations can be turned around. Make the most of every opportunity that you have available to you and think outside the box.

Turn it around - Inspiration shot April 2018

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Thank you for the overwhelming response to my last email. Hundreds of people told me about their biggest challenge. I already talked to about 30 of them in a ‘mini-RESULTant call’ and more are planned. I am still in the process of answering all the others who wrote me. So if you haven’t heard from me yet: please hang in there! If you would like to get a free gift or call to help you face your challenge, you can still fill out the survey.

Turn it around - Inspiration shot April 2018

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Can you change behavior by making it fun to obey the rules?

Where is Esther

It was a surprise to discover that the writing retreat I am currently facilitating in beautiful Kardamili, Greece, was only attended by Germans and Austrians…So I’ve been catching up on my German language skills, haha!

From here I’ll fly to Tbilisi, Georgia to give a presentation about ‘natural public speaking’ at a conference for successful location independent entrepreneurs. A new country for me, and I am very curious.

After a few days in Amsterdam and a trip to enjoy the nature of Sweden it’s time for my annual Dutch writing retreat in Mallorca. I have one spot open on this retreat, so if you want to write your book in one week in Mallorca, please let me know.

Then, after a few days in Paris, I hope to be in Amsterdam for (most of) the summer.

Turn it around - Inspiration shot April 2018

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