The back cover of your book

With a well-written back cover you can already start promoting your book. You can also approach publishers, sponsors and potential buyers, ask for feedback from future readers and start the presale! Plus, your back cover gives you the structure to write the rest of the book without getting stuck.

In the video below I give tips and share my experiences.

Oh, before I forget: the back cover is usually about 250-300 words. That is much less than you think! So write and DELETE very smart! 😉

Summary of the above video ‘back cover of a book’

In this video I reveal the secret to writing a book efficiently and with ease. The secret is to start at the end, with the back cover, which is a summary, a taste of your voice, a promise to your readers and your marketing material. The back cover gives you the structure to compose the table of contents and start writing.

The back cover should be written in maximum 300 words and include a picture of yourself and some relevant background information. The trick is to make the back cover attractive and to the point. The front cover, title, and subtitle should also be considered at this stage.

Pre-order sales can already begin with a completed back cover and front cover. Feedback can be obtained from readers on the back cover and the first chapter.

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