Inspiration shot Summer 2014

Can having less stuff lead to more happiness? In my experience it does. This newsletter is therefore dedicated to ‘minimalism’.

Tiny houses

I have become a big fan of the ‘Tiny house movement’. Are you curious to find out what the maximum possible enjoyment is in a minimal living space?

This New York apartment of only 420 sq ft (39m2) feels like a complete home.


The Morrissons built their dream house in a container for only $22.000.

droomhuis container

My personal favorite is the self-sustainable Dwelle design mini-house:


Google ‘tiny house’ for more information and pictures.

Interesting people

Seven digital nomads explain how they live, work and travel on the road.


These six ‘uber’minimalists own almost nothing. Andrew Hyde (the guy in the picture) owns only 15 ‘things’!


The ‘poorest president on earth’ (Jose Mujica of Uruguay) donates 90% of his income to charity.

Writer and designer Graham Hill explains in his TED talk ‘how less stuff can lead to more happiness’.


Want to know how you can apply these principles to YOUR life? Patty Golsteijn writes blogs, gives great tips, seminars and a free business tool kit on her website

Personal news

Last week I was in Barcelona, proofreading my new book ‘Manual for World citizens’ (For now only available in Dutch: Handboek voor Wereldburgers.) Right now I am in Mallorca and next week I’ll be in Amsterdam.

My Barcelona tips

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