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Pecha kucha
Interesting presentation method when you want something different, faster, more dynamic and with more impact. 20 slides show for 20 seconds each, totaling no more than 6.40 minutes. New slides (often picture) appear automatically while you tell your story.

I completely renewed my websites with a ‘virtual assistant’ (=VA) from the Philippines. Another VA from Romania keeps my address book up to date. Nearly everything that can be done in English and over the Internet can be outsourced. Often for as little as $10 per hour. helps with the selection of worldwide professionals, from programmers to marketing specialists. My advice is to deal with individuals rather than companies that present themselves on the site. Select persons who have already done at least 6 jobs via Elance and have received 98% positive feedback. Start with a small job and proceed when satisfied. What would you like to cross off your to do list? Admin? Internet marketing or research? Try it and see if it works for you. Nothing to lose, much to gain!

Social media tips

LinkedIn headline
Most LinkedIn users don’t know that it’s possible to personalize their ‘headline’. If you do only one thing on LinkedIn, this should be it. Watch this short video to see how it’s done. Laura Roeder gives many more practical social media tips on her website.

Many people and organizations are not comfortable using Twitter. Start by looking around and listening, is my advice. Look for keywords representing your product or interest and discover what is being said. As soon as you start reacting to that, you’re already ‘in the game’. There are many tips on the Internet on >what to tweet about.

Tweeteffect shows which tweets result in extra followers and which tweets make people unfollow you.

Personal news

I just finished writing my new book ‘Have you find your Mr. Wrong yet?‘, which will be published in The Netherlands in October this year. The book is about the nice side of these men and it is, of course, based on my own experiences! Watch the book trailer for a sneak preview.
My previous books ‘What is your Excuse?‘ and ‘What is your Dream?‘ are being translated into English and will be available on Amazon hopefully before the end of this year.
My ‘No Excuses’ story features in the book ‘Speaker Anthology 101‘ with the best US speakers. It became an Amazon bestseller!

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