Inspiration shot Spring 2010

Fun videos The best 4 minutes of your life! Matt travels the world, dances his crazy dance and captures it all on video. Over 30 million people watched and enjoyed this exceptional video! A chewing gum company offers to sponsor Matt, so he quit his job and continued traveling.

Youtube The Ball Girl It is best to watch this short video twice to catch all the nuances. Pay close attention to the voice-over and the faces of the baseball players.

Saving time with clever software

Textexpander is a very useful tool for Mac users who feel pressed for time. All you need to do is simply type in short abbreviations for frequently used responses, text, e-mail signatures, images and more! Works in every application!

Evernote lets you keep track all your notes, documents, pictures and screenshots. This amazing software even reads what is IN your pictures and lets you access all your ‘notes’ by simply typing in keywords. You can check out this post 6 Ways Evernote Can Boost Your Productivity or read these Evernote tips to learn how Evernote can help you organize your life and business.
I have recently discovered both programs and I am a fan!

Inspiring websites

Oh, I wish these were my ideas… A student sells 1 million pixels on its homepage for $1 per piece and is successful!
Meeting Wizard Dinner party with friends? Planning a holiday, workshop or an important meeting? Plan events easily. Use Meeting Wizard.

Social media tips


Not yet on Twitter? Social media guru Laura Roeder (only 21 years old!) gives great instructions and business tips in short videos. Some are free, others you can watch for a small fee. Check out her website for useful tips on social media marketing.
Having difficulty managing all of your social media sites? Try or Enter your status message only once and it is automatically sent to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. You can also schedule your messages for posting.
Did you know that with one click you can turn all your tweets into a PDF booklet; free of charge!

What is your dream?

Are you living your dream? Or do you sometimes feel like there should be more to life? Some tips to consider:

  • It is OK if you do not know exactly what you want. Sometimes it is just a vague feeling of unease that can set things in motion. Or knowing what you DON’T want…
  • Do not wait for the perfect moment when all conditions are ideal. That moment will never come. If you want to do something, do it NOW!
  • >Start with one small step. You can take a language or dance course, plan your next holiday, or do an internet orientation.
  • No more excuses! You will find solutions to any problems as you go…

For more inspiration, see all the possibilities to work with me; workshops, retreats and online programs.

Personal news

I am glad to announce that I am living my dreams! Right now I am sailing the Caribbean. You can follow my trip on Twitter.


Already 3,300 copies of my book What is your Excuse? have been sold in The Netherlands. Many people wrote me to say how it inspired them to follow their dreams. The book is now being translated into English and I hope to generate some publicity in the USA.

oprah winfrey

My ultimate dreams is to one day be Oprahs’ guest. The first step has already been made: please check

In May I will start a coaching club for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Do you need a sparring partner and want to develop yourself? See all my coaching options.

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