Inspiration Shot July 2023

This month, two special people who were father figures to me passed away within a week. I was able to say goodbye to one of them by sneaking into the hospital outside visiting hours. For the other, I cancelled a trip with 40 girlfriends to Valencia to speak at his funeral. Fortunately, my father is still ‘here’, but – due to his Alzheimer’s – not the way he used to be. Father’s Day, therefore, became an emotional day with a lot of reflection this year.
This inspiration shot pays homage to all fathers, father figures, and other loved ones and gives some great tips on how to capture your time together while they’re still here.
I hope that the stories and suggestions in this inspiration shot will touch and inspire you, whether you are a father, want(ed) to be, still have your father or have to miss it.

Tribute to two father figures

Elie Patz was our neighbour in Nieuwegein since 1977. We lived next to each other for ten years and our families always remained connected because his daughter Astrid is one of my best friends. Their house was the stable base, the feeling of home that I never had myself. And suddenly Elie was gone 😢
On the morning of his funeral, another father figure died: Karel de Snoo from Abcoude, with whom I collected €16 million for charities when the Euro was introduced. From him, I learned ‘being right is not the same as winning the argument’ and also ‘choose your battles wisely’. In this (Dutch) Facebook post, you can read more about these special people and about the unexpected way in which Karel and I got back in touch.
For both families, I would like to share this beautiful quote from my brother Michael R. Jacobs: “I hope the light of his memory will guide you through the darkness of loss.”

Dear Dad

My own dear father lives in Miami. Because of his Alzheimer’s, we have been losing him bit by bit for the past 8 years. But even though he is no longer the father I once knew, he IS still there! I can call him and exchange some words. I can get on a plane, hug him and have a cup of coffee with him. I look forward to doing that again soon.
To all dads: you are the best! You have no idea how important you are to your children, to set a good and healthy example, to provide a stable basis and above all to let your children know that you love them as they are and that you are proud of them, no matter what.
To everyone who has to miss their father: he is never really gone. His spirit and energy are still there; he is probably watching you from a cloud. And as long as we keep the memories in our hearts, someone is not really gone.
If you still have your father: give him an extra big hug, also on my behalf.

Tip: Capture it

We all know that one day our parents and other loved ones will be gone. And then you’ll think: if only I could hear his/her voice one more time, I’d give anything to just have a conversation with them. My tip is therefore: organise regular family Zoom calls and record them. This way you will soon have a collection of ‘ordinary’ precious moments to look back on.

Copy his (or your) voice

You can go even further. You can now have someone’s voice cloned. With just a few sentences, spoken by yourself or a loved one, you can have a voice imitated. So that your mother can continue to read you books before going to sleep, for example. Or your father gives you directions in your Maps app. You can also have your own audiobooks recorded with your own voice, for example with Custom Voice Cloning – Resemble AI. Try to imagine what you can do with this!

Workshop alert

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“Promotion and sales are not for me”

You have an important message, but you don’t like to be in the spotlight.

Then how are you going to share that important message? How are you going to help people with what you know and have experienced?

This live online workshop gives you tips & tricks to be visible and have the same impact online as offline, in a personal and natural way.

Inspiration bites

Still Alice

You probably already know ‘The Father’, about how a father with Alzheimer’s and his daughter experience this disease in their own way. ‘Still Alice’ is about a young professor who gets Alzheimer’s and how she deals with it.

Dick Johnson is dead

A camerawoman’s father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. To process this, they make a film together in which the father dies in different ways. A strange and wonderful documentary.

Be right back

In this ‘Black Mirror’ episode, someone’s digital identity is put into a lifelike doll after death, so that his partner doesn’t have to miss him. Science fiction, or is this soon really possible?

in Dutch Wendy Magazine

“I feel at home here”
Wendy interviewed me for the summer edition of her lifestyle magazine about living on an island. With photos of my writer’s villa in Mallorca.

Did you know...?

… that I had my father’s signature tattooed on my forearm in white ink? Because of his Alzheimer’s he is ‘disappearing’ slowly. The tattoo helps me to keep his energy with me. The white ink makes it subtle – others don’t see it or, it looks like a small scar – but to me, it’s always there.
If you have something that is important to you, but that others don’t necessarily need to see, a white ink tattoo might be an idea. For example, a symbol or short text on the inside of your wrist?

Where is Esther?

I just landed in Amsterdam, where I will hopefully be staying in one place for a few weeks. I do need some rest after more than 3 months of back-to-back retreats.

The trip for 13 American real estate investors in Puglia was a great success (watch this impression video). It’s so cool to show people the ‘unknown’ side of ‘my’ Puglia. Just in time, I had all three Airbnbs ready. If you want, you can stay in my TinyTrulloStudio or Townhouse in Ceglie this summer or autumn and receive all my personal local tips in a special ‘guidebook’.

🎈 Another ‘did you know’: My birthday is on the same day as my mom! 53 years ago I was her birthday present… Unfortunately, we are rarely in the same country on this day. This year I first celebrated my birthday with breakfast on the square in ‘my’ village Ceglie Messapica (can you pronounce it?) with a group of Americans, and in the evening in a traditional Italian way at the beautiful Lake Bolsena.
On my way from Puglia to the annual Dynamite Circle conference in London I had to make a stopover in Rome. A train journey of a few hours and I was at the beautiful lake, where my friend Annaliza has a house. She picked me up at the station and drove me straight to a restaurant where 10 people I didn’t know were waiting for me with balloons, presents, Prosecco and pizza. At the end of the evening, we were all friends! “Strangers are just friends you have not met yet”
The next morning we swam in the lake and after breakfast, I started the long journey to London for the DC conference. There I experienced 3 inspiring days with 100 successful location independent entrepreneurial friends. I will be posting some useful business eye-openers about that in the near future. But first… Amsterdam, apple pie, walking, getting some work done and seeing friends!

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