Inspiration shot Fall 2013


Energy ball

This 4-year old guy blew away the jury of Belgium’s got talent. Is he going to impress you, too? Bet he’ll make you smile!

You’ll find more inspiring talent show auditions on my YouTube channel.

Hungry Planet
What the world eats: Intriguing photo documentary on what families all over the world eat in one week. ECU04.0001.xxf1rw


100 life hacks trucjes
Creative, smart and sometimes funny: 100 hacks to make your life easier…  sink

Autocorrect errors
This made my laugh out loud. Again and again. The best iPhone autocorrect errors… autocorrect

Save time & work smarter

Twitter favourites as testimonials
twitterDid you know there is an easy way to use the good things people are saying about you on Twitter as testimonials on your site?

  1. Mark all tweets you’d like to use as Favorite (the star icon)
  2. Make an RSS feed of those favorites
  3. Place the RSS feed on your website as a testimonial.

There are plugins and widgets for this. The only thing you need to do is start marking nice testimonial tweets as favourite.

Favorite apps
scrivenerWorking on a big writing project, like a book, thesis or film script? Scrivener helps to organise everything in a handt, intuïtieve way. All my writing workshop participants have become instant fans. Free 30 day trial.


1Password not only safely stores all your passwords, it also autofills them on forms and websites. Web shopping, logging into your websites, social media and bank account have never been this easy. The only thing you need to remember is your master password.


You probably know you can use to shorten urls/links. But did you know that once you open a (free) account, it also shows you the statistics of all clicks on every link?

textexpander_140x140Textexpander lets you use shortcodes for all your often-used texts, such as your address, phone numbers, instructies etc. It works in mail, word, internet, actually everywhere. This super software already saved me over 20 hours in the past 2 years (It logs it’s own stats, isn’t that great?)

Gemini 100Find and remove identical files on your Mac with Gemini, a handy Mac duplicate file finder. I cleaned 45GB off my laptop in 15 mins!

Personal News

Writing, living and relaxing on Mallorca
I have found a new island to add to my list of places to love! We bought an old finca (farm) in the middle of Mallorca. 5000 m2 of almond, fig and olive trees and lots of peace and quiet. In a B&B in a nearby village I organised my fourth ‘write your book in a week’ workshop. The lovely weather, wonderful surroundings, great service and pure food helpt the participants to focus on the task ahead. Check the date of the next writing week.

World citizen
As a traveling Dutchie I ran into some problems with ‘the system’. After being knighted by the Major of Amstelveen a few years ago, the new Major kicked me out of the Dutch administration, because I did not sleep enough nights in my own house… I am allowed to live there, just not be registered anymore, so I lose my rights to all benefits of the Dutch system. Weird that this is possible, but these are ‘the rules’. So now I am a ‘homeless person’, albeit one with a house, car and a company… I found out many World Citizens experience the same problems, so I decided to write a Handbook for World Citizens. The world is our playground. It took a few weeks to see that this situation actually provided an opportunity and seize it. I started a BVI company, I don’t pay taxes anymore and experience complete freedom. I am writing the book as we speak, under the palm trees in Curaçao.

Is your website still about you?
Or are you focusing on the visitor? When I updated my website a few months ago, I decided not to talk about me anymore. In stead I translated all my experiences into concrete tips that I put on my site. It is becoming a wealth of information about charity, free publicity, personal branding, writing your own book etc. I am now working on the English version, so in time all tips will become intelligible for you, too… 🙂

How about your site? Are you still talking about you, or have you made the switch to the visiteer? During the Personal Branding weekends (next one in Berlin, March 13-16) I help a select group of participants to achieve this.

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