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Inspiration Shot April 2023

Esther working on the Trullo

When you travel extensively and seldom stay in one location for more than a few weeks, how do you sustain your business? How do you work with your virtual assistants, and what tasks and responsibilities do you delegate to them? I have been getting many questions on this topic lately. With many people being (too) busy, they often even lack the time to explore outsourcing options. Therefore, this Inspiration Shot offers a variety of practical recommendations for working smarter and outsourcing duties to virtual assistants or ChatGPT, the popular Artificial Intelligence tool. Great news for entrepreneurs and writers on a tight budget. Let yourself be surprised and motivated by the possibilities available to you.

How virtual assistants transformed my life and business

In the following video, I share how VAs have provided me with greater freedom to focus on my core strengths and to do what really makes me happy: create content and help people.
Additional videos are available in the digital delegation playlist, featuring more explanations and tips.

Don’t outsource right away!

Hiring a VA when you don’t have ‘your shit together’ is not a good idea. It won’t save you any time or energy. It’s just more work. Hiring assistants to do tasks that should not be done in the first place is an outright waste of your money, time, and resources. These are the five steps to follow;

  1. Dedicate: figure out what you want to do, and how you want to spend your time, energy, and headspace;
  2. Eliminate anything that doesn’t need to be done
  3. Simplify what is left
  4. Automate what can be automated
  5. Then Delegate the tasks that can be done by others.

FREE assistant!

You may have heard about ChatGPT, the innovative Artificial Intelligence tool. Initially, I was hesitant to use it, assuming it would be too complex and technical for me to navigate. However, a friend introduced me to it, and within just five minutes, I discovered a whole new world of possibilities. I’ve been hooked ever since and believe that every entrepreneur, writer, and digital nomad should leverage this tool(s). I continue to uncover new ways to use it every day, and the best part is, it’s completely free! If you haven’t already, quickly create an account on
For advanced users already familiar with ChatGPT, watch this video

If you’re seeking inspiration and tips, join my upcoming online Digital Delegation workshop on April 12, where I’ll provide a live demo!

Where to find top-quality VAs?

The advantages of working across time zones

While real-time collaboration with a team member is enjoyable, working across different time zones can also offer numerous benefits. For instance, when I am in Miami or Curaçao, I can take advantage of the time difference and send instructions to my VA, Jelena, at the end of my day, while she is already sleeping in Europe. By the time I wake up in the morning, it is already noon for her, and she has completed the tasks, allowing me to continue working immediately.
Having at least a few hours of overlap during the day enables us to avoid having to get up early or stay up late for consultations and calls. It’s great to have this half-day buffer, maximising productivity while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Remote/smart working from Italy?

There’s nothing quite like working from an inspiring location, and I have just the thing for you. My tiny house/trullo located amongst the olive trees and recently renovated townhouse in ‘my’ village in Puglia is now available for rent on Airbnb. Both offer fast wifi, stunning views, and unique atmospheres that are sure to boost your creativity and productivity. Follow the links to view photos, descriptions, and availability on Airbnb. Book directly with me and receive a nice discount.

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Save time and grow your business with a Virtual Assistant

Are you still trying to do everything yourself?

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Inspiration bites


Nadina Galle attended the ‘From Idea to Book’ workshop in Curaçao three years ago, and since then, she has been working on her book about ‘Internet of nature‘. During the recent writing week, she shared her excitement about securing a ‘six-figure’ book deal with a major American publisher. The book is set to be released in 2024. 💪🏻


Helmi Smeulders, also known as the Caribbean Spice Girl, wrote her book ‘The Joy of Caribbean Cooking‘ during one of my writing weeks in Mallorca.

She has since launched a stunning and successful magazine called Island Vibes.


Noel Andrews from and I collaborated to create a comprehensive guide on hiring a good Virtual Assistant, which includes templates, job ads, checklists, and everything you need to know.


Record & reuse content is also a smart digital strategy. As such, I’m excited to share a free workshop on book writing and marketing featuring Book Marketing coach Sue Campbell.

Did you know...?

…I met my assistant Jelena in person for the first time last summer in Puglia, after almost two years of digital collaboration. It was a strange experience to finally meet someone whom I spoke to almost every day for such a long time. Since then, we have been working even better together and are already planning our next co-working trip. Here is the video of our meeting.

Where is Esther?

I had a wonderful trip to Curacao and Miami, and the writing retreat in Curaçao was even better than ever. I’m already planning to return to this unique place next March. There is a photo impression below. 🏝

Recently, I’ve been waiting for a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ about whether or not to have eye surgery. The last few days of my trip, I felt a strong urge to go through with it. My eye feels like a ticking time bomb, and I don’t want to live with the constant fear of needing emergency surgery within 48 hours anywhere in the world if something goes wrong. As a result, my one-day stopover in Amsterdam turned into a two-day visit to the well-known Eye Hospital in Rotterdam. However, the verdict is still unclear, and I’ll have to wait a bit longer and see how things develop… 👀 Interestingly, at the Eye Hospital in Rotterdam, I was attended by an Italian doctor from Puglia! 😮

Unfortunately, I missed my flight 😱, but I eventually made it back to Italy. The Workation in my village is in full swing, with six entrepreneurs temporarily calling it their home and office.

Some other news, the puppies I’ve been taking care of have found a wonderful ‘forever home’ with my Dutch neighbors who always looked after them while I was away. They’ve grown so attached to them that they can stay, and I can even visit Latte and Coco from time to time! 🐾

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