Secrets of (book) promotion, visibility, and online success

Find your voice, build, and engage an audience.

Most authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs are troubled when it comes to selling. They know their book, product, or service is awesome, yet they feel ‘cheesy’ or too aggressive when trying to market it.

They don’t realize that by holding back, they are depriving the world of their gift, their message, their way to help or entertain others.

As a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur I want to have the same impact online as I have in real life. But it’s not that easy.

I see many authors, entrepreneurs, and people with an important message struggle and losing a lot of business because they don’t know what to do. They imagine there’s this huge secret they don’t know and they admire and envy other successful authors or entrepreneurs for their success.

So what’s the secret? Well, from my experience as a published author, social media influencer, and from having been featured in the media over 500 times, the secret is in fact to be authentic. And that doesn’t mean talking a lot about yourself, but to only offer real added value to your audience in everything you do and write.

Loyal followers

Sometimes I get a nice email from somebody who has been following me for over 15 years. When this happens, I think about how exceptional it actually is to have a loyal group of followers for over 20 years.

Why would people want to stay connected for so long? What do I do online (or what don’t I do?) that makes people trust me and want to engage?

Somehow I have built a following that defies all ‘models’ that are being taught in those online courses by those famous sales guru’s. I had never really thought about it, but I guess that my ‘secret recipe’ is just me being ME. Offline and online. I don’t aim for sales, I don’t go for fast results; I build relationships.

The secret of my online success

I learned how to generate free publicity long before the digital age. Nowadays it is a lot easier to SHARE content because of the technology we use, but the need for GOOD content comes first in my opinion.

In the days before internet journalists were the gatekeepers: they decided if a story was good enough to publish. I learned how they think and what they look for. That knowledge translated to the current digital world makes a HUGE difference.

The secret is to find your added value in daily life and to translate it into interesting content for your followers. To make it personal, but not too much about yourself. To find ‘hooks’ in the media & current affairs and to link these to your content and expertise. Most of all to ALWAYS offer real added value to your audience. And finally to do that in your own voice, your own way, to be authentic, to be you.

Difficult? Not if you know how to do it. 🙂

Learn the secrets to (book) promotion, visibility, and online success.

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