Best health insurance for digital nomads 2023:

Your ultimate guide

As a digital nomad I have only one type of insurance. Health insurance is essential, especially for location independent entrepreneurs, expats and frequent travellers. When you deregister from your home country, you often lose access to national health insurance benefits and finding an alternative as a ‘mobile citizen’ is not always easy.

Below is an overview of health insurance options suitable for digital nomads and travellers. It includes well-known ones, some specific ones for Dutch citizens and also some unusual solutions that I have found and used.

Keep in mind that no single plan will meet everyone’s needs. It’s crucial to review the coverage, terms and conditions, and pricing to find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Pre-existing conditions

If you have pre-existing health conditions, be aware that these are typically not covered when switching insurance providers. For instance, if you’ve had a specific health issue in the past, a recurrence may not be covered by your new plan. If you have serious pre-existing conditions, your best options are either finding a plan that covers them or staying registered in your home country where you may be fully insured.

Worldwide coverage

Many insurance plans either exclude the USA or significantly increase the premium for including it. If you opt not to include the USA, you’ll likely still have emergency coverage but not for routine check-ups. Consider adding separate travel insurance for U.S. trips to save on monthly premiums.

Year-round travel limitations

Some insurance plans have limitations on the number of weeks you can travel per year. Make sure to check the maximum number of days you’re covered for travel.

Travel insurance vs. health insurance

Travel insurance is not a substitute for comprehensive health insurance. It generally complements a standard health insurance plan, covering issues like lost baggage, emergency procedures abroad, or repatriation, but not regular health issues.

Dutch health insurance companies:

  • OOM 
    • Website: OOM Verzekeringen / OOM Insurance
    • Tagline: “For when you go abroad for a longer period”
    • Overview: OOM Verzekeringen offers specialized insurance plans for those living abroad for extended periods. If you are Dutch, you are also insured during your visits to your home country. They provide a variety of coverage options, including medical expenses, repatriation, and even legal assistance.
  • Joho
    • Website: Joho Expat Insurance
    • Tagline: “Specialist in emigratie & lange reizen” (“Specialist in emigration & long trips”)
    • Overview: Joho focuses on insurance solutions for expats and long-term travellers. They offer a range of health insurance options that can be tailored to include additional coverage like dental care and emergency assistance.


  • Cigna Global
    • Website: Cigna Global
    • Tagline: “International Health Insurance for Individuals and Families”
    • Overview: Cigna Global offers a broad range of customizable plans. They focus on comprehensive global coverage, including outpatient care, maternity, dental, and emergency evacuation.
  • Allianz Care
    • Website: Allianz Care
    • Tagline: “The World is Your Oyster, Protect Your Health”
    • Overview: Allianz Care provides international health insurance with a focus on comprehensive coverage. They offer plans that include medical, dental, and repatriation services, emphasizing a global network of healthcare providers.
  • Integra Global
    • Website: Integra Global
    • Tagline: “We’re Not Like Other Insurance Companies”
    • Overview: Integra Global offers plans designed specifically for expats and international citizens. They pride themselves on straightforward, comprehensive plans without hidden clauses or confusing small print.
  • SafetyWing
    • Website: SafetyWing
    • Tagline: “Insurance for Nomads, by Nomads”
    • Overview: SafetyWing is tailored for the digital nomad lifestyle. They offer flexible, monthly renewable plans that cover travel medical needs and allow you to cancel anytime.
  • Genki
    • Website: Genki.World
    • Tagline: “Health Insurance for Digital Nomads”
    • Overview: “Every country. Any doctor or hospital. We’ve got you covered.”
  • More companies and comparisons.

Unusual solutions:

  • Preuss (This is where I am currently insured. It is a German yacht insurance. You don’t have to be German and you don’t need to be on a boat, though some people tell me that when you specifically ask the insurance that they do require a German address.)
  • IKEA Family Mallorca (only if you have ties to the Balearic Islands of Spain, not the mainland. I have been insured here for many years)
Een workation in Spanje, Portugal of op Mallorca? Het zijn populaire bestemmingen voor digitale nomaden.

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