While I was having dinner with my friend Tal Gur during a busy conference in Bangkok, a new word popped up in my mind, just like that. We were discussing how creating more space (in your agenda, your mind and the physical world around you) and being more aware, allows you to better listen to your inner voice.

I though we were discussing his journey, but suddenly this word popped up, which was clearly meant for me.

Stillness. It means much more than the absence of sound or movement. It means grounding deeply and from that position look for that still water surface on a lake. From there you can observe and reflect. The concept so fascinated me, that as soon as I got back to my hotel room, I sat down for an unguided meditation. 10 minutes of ‘nothing’ flew by. This morning I did it again. Just sitting, being, trying to get to that stillness, observing what happens. And I intend to do this every morning and evening from now on.

This is a completely new development for me. Last week, during my writing retreat, we set intentions for a habit we wanted to create. ‘Meditate every day’ was one that all writers shared, so we did a guided meditation every morning. But as soon as the writing week was over, I was not motivated anymore. I meditated because I thought I had to. Because I know it is good for me. Like so many things we think we have to do or vaguely ‘want to’ do, it ends up on our ‘to do list’, competing with other tasks of the day.

Now, with this new word lingering in my mind all the time, I just want to explore. I am curious, eager to know more. It is such a different feeling, such a different motivation.

I would like to invite you to try and find a word that you are curious about. Better still, be open, listen and wait till it presents itself to you.

From my inner stillness I wish you an interesting journey.